Hit me in the face. This movie is fried.

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hit face. face movie fried.

Cool !

This 8 The first happiness in the hot summer , Not surprisingly, it comes from it .

It hasn't been released yet , Have gained a high reputation in the media .

The freshness of rotten tomatoes was once as high as 99%!

Various Praise Words overflow the screen :

“ A thrilling wild trip ”、“DC The film is by far the greatest 、 Bloody and strange movies ”、“DC The best film in years ”、“ Super violent and funny , I can't guess the plot at all ”……

Domestic netizens also unanimously praised :

DC If I had taken it earlier , It has long been comparable to marvel ……

With it , Can really revitalize DCEU Do you ?

Don't bullshit , Just watch the film ――

《X Task force : The whole staff assembled 》

The Suicide Squad

2021.8.6 The United States

>>>> From North America 《 Fuchun Mountain Residence 》 To R Class feast

Time reversal 5 Years ago .

This year DCEU It's not easy , Prior to 《 Batman vs Superman : Dawn of justice 》 Word of mouth and box office collapse , Tie Guide ( Zach ・ Schneider ) And warner are in a crisis of trust .

After the 《 Suicide squads 》 Beach landing summer file , But it's terrible .

Also evaluated by netizens as “ In North America 《 Fuchun Mountain Residence 》”, Waste a lot of actors , It's so rotten that it's natural .

《 Suicide squads 》,2016

The time came to 2018 year ,MCU It's not very peaceful here .

《 Galaxy escort 》 Series director James ・ Goon's inappropriate remarks on social media were found by netizens , An uproar , Caught in the storm of public criticism .

Despite the support of the film stars , People say that this is a good director , There is no need to “ The burning ” Kill with a stick .

But there is always “ The highest sensitivity ” Disney still decided to fire him .( Although it was fast again a year later “ Get back together ” Announce that goon will return 《 Galaxy escort 3》)

Just three months after goon's inappropriate remarks , The media revealed that Warner and goon were 《 Suicide squads 》 Restart the project and negotiate .

There are tail lights in the front ( Jos ・ Weden , Man Wei 《 The avengers 》 The director , Post guidance DC《 Justice League: Injustice for All 》), Then there's goon .

look for MCU Our director came to take over the project , Adversity shows the truth ,DCEU Corner digging is professional .

Called by fans “ Rolling guide ” Gu en is a true beauty fan .

The super English films under his lens have distinctive and interesting personal characteristics , The rhythm of the plot climaxes one after another , The characters and images all have arcs .

pat B He started with a blockbuster , There are also many passages of heavy mouth evil codes in the works , Insects, animals and other creatures multiply , Bloodthirsty zombie attack , The brain hole is wide open and full of evil interest .

classical cult slice 《 Tear people 》 He did it .

Switch to DCEU after , Warner gave him unlimited firing power , It's about funding 2 Billion , Create the most expensive manggai work .

In other words , How does goon want to shoot , Just shoot , Warner will not interfere , Support .

So goon really played hi this time , Release yourself on the scale .

>>>> The word-of-mouth box office hit the face hard , The style is unique and the sky is blown up

With the right to speak, goon handed over a fairly good answer .

Rotten tomatoes 93% Certified fresh 、IMDB Website 8.0、 Bean petals open 8.3, The box office performance of many cinemas is gratifying .

This film is neither a sequel , It's not a prequel , Although the timeline is connected 《 Raptor team 》, But a soft restart work .

So I haven't seen the previous work or right DCEU Audiences who don't know much don't have to worry , Just taste it as a popcorn slice .

Website reviews

Summon... In one breath 17 position DC Characters appear , Ambition is not small .

Ugly girl 、 Captain boomerang 、 Rick ・ Colonel flegg and Amanda, the intelligence director and convener of the suicide team, returned .

And bloody sports 、 Messenger of peace 、 Wise man 、 Black guard 、 Shark King 、 yellow weasel 、 Second generation rat catchers 、 Polka Dot people and other characters join .

Whole film IMAX Camera shot , Full live view of stunts .

The real explosion is unambiguous , It's quite enjoyable .

Even if you think it's CG All the rats are real actors :

Behind the scenes

The story starts from Dream prison (Belle Reve Penitentiary) Start , There are criminals subdued by superheroes .

Due to social violence and international conspiracy , Leader Amanda is determined to use these sentenced villains .

Let them save the world by 、 The way to finish the task , Commute your sentence .

The pace of the film is quite fast , A bunch of characters teamed up to complete , Less than 2 minute .

This time, X The task of the contingent , It's going to South America Yotonheim prison (Jotunheim Prison) Launch an investigation .

This prison left over from World War II , It is also an alien science and Technology Laboratory , Fear will trigger a global crisis .

But these super villains don't have a hero aura .

First, the weasel drowned without knowing water ;

Then the black guard gave up resistance and defected directly , Betraying your teammates is not a way to give heads to the enemy , One shot was blown up .

The leader of the boomerang was killed by his teammate pig , horrible , The javelin was shot dead by random bullets ……

Suicide squads , Worthy of the name , start 10 minute , The team went out .

This operation is as fierce as a tiger , However, the progress has just 5%, Directly pushed the film to a climax .

The wonderful story will begin .

The back is not spoiled .

>>>> There are enough standard exercises , Wild racing who fear who

I said before , Goon is shooting B First-class film debut .

I wrote to director Zha in my early years 《 Dawn of the living dead 》 Script , Also dealt with Wen Ziren .

He made and directed his own films 《 Tear people 》, Be nominated 2007 American science fiction 、 Fantasy and Horror Film Association Best Horror Film Award .

Put aliens 、 Mutants 、 Zombie people are all in the movie , There are also insect and animal attacks that destroy people's three views , It's bloody and disgusting .

to MCU, Goon has converged a lot in this regard ,《 Galaxy escort 》 The content output and scene design are also more enjoyable .

This film can be said to be S Level production +A A first-class Director +R The scale of level +B Class fun .

Every war has a big play .

Blood splashes and springs instantly turn into flying petal rain , There is a girl's romance in the blood .

The little ugly girl really completed her transformation , She is no longer dependent on others “ Ugly girl ”, But the independent 、 insane 、 Violent and romantic “ Harry ・ Quinn ”.

>>>> The group play is eye-catching and has an arc , There are many sparks in character interaction

This film gathers 17 position DC role .

Although there are many people , But they are all bright and three-dimensional .

It's eye-catching for a few minutes , Yes, I'm talking about Michael ・ Luke's scholar .

A long hair as elegant as teacher Liu Huan , Walking with wind is quite the aura of Causeway Bay bosses .

You think he's a tough character , As a result, during the landing war , He sees the enemy outnumbered and the situation is wrong , Run away in a hurry .

Only contributed a roar .

Play handsome 10 minute , Blow your head for a second .

Captain peace , Full of benevolence and righteousness .

Shouting world peace , Actually, he is a murderer without morality .

His satirical formal American hypocrisy and cruelty “ peace ” And “ justice ”.

The strongest Stallone in the universe , Surprise guest dubbing shark King .

Good figure, great wisdom , Fierce but kind .

Love human flesh , But also eager to be friends with humans .

Director goon said in his behind the scenes gags , Warner gave him the right to fire, including killing anyone who wanted to kill .

What the audience has to do , Just follow his camera and enjoy “ Who will live in the end , Who do you like?Who will die ” The tension of .

The rhythm of the film is quite good .

The film title suffix is assembled by the whole staff , It took him less than half an hour to introduce a rather large view of the story .

By the process of performing tasks , Bring out the background story of each character .

Then through their characters to mobilize the plot development of the whole film , Make the film full of unknowns and laughs .

Behind the scenes

>>>> Character build dig depth , Respectable, who was shot ?

In Hollywood, commercial films are gradually turning into “ Family first ” When the family is happy , Goon still chose to go crazy in the end .

Especially the shaping of the role of the little ugly girl , Break the label of her beautiful vase , Gave her autonomy .

The prison break drama is fierce and eye-catching , A red dress is as beautiful as heaven , The man who tore the slag by hand was not soft hearted , The queen is confident and radiant .

Another deep point , It is a discussion of value .

“ There's spring for villains too , Villains can also save the world ” Such a big story was in the last one 《 Suicide squads 》 I've heard enough in .

The anti super English genre shows the audience the double-sided nature of these criminals , Under the skin of flesh and blood , Is the coexistence of good and evil .

Director goon added the role of the second generation rat catcher in the film , Through her dialogue with her father, she deepened her understanding of 「 The value of being 」 The discussion of the .

The second generation of rat catchers asked , Why when the animal that can be controlled is a mouse , Her father said :

“ Because the mouse is the bottom , The most despised creature .

If even their existence makes sense , Then we also have .”

The lowest creatures have the meaning of existence , Then these are called “ Bad guy ” Villains can also have moments of light and heat .

And yes 「 The world police 」 The irony of a country is also enough .

Not just from the role , There is also a general plot direction setting .

Beacon of freedom, false justice , Sanctimonious and hypocritical .

Since this film focuses on popcorn , Don't delve into logic .

Just be happy , As for whether it is the best diffuse change work of the year , My cousin thinks we need to wait and see .

After all, next door MCU There are three more 「 A colossus 」 To go online one after another , There are many strong enemies , Earlier, Zadao edited version 《 Justice League: Injustice for All 》 I also got a lot of good reviews .

Radish and green vegetables are loved by each , Judging from word of mouth and box office , This time goon is helping DCEU We had a turnaround .

Although I can't wait for a sequel , But the good news is the TV series run by goon 《 Messenger of peace 》 It is expected to go online next year .

I hope warner can continue to give goon enough voice , Especially in creation , Less shackles , More respect .

The audience was happy , Willing to pay , Is true 「 turnaround 」.

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