Future in midsummer: Zhang Zifeng, this year is simply Zhang Zi's "Crazy"

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Zhang Zifeng is just Zhang Zi this year 「 crazy 」 ah .

from 《 Chinatown detective 3》 Start counting , At least this year 7 Works online .

Just in 《 my sister 》 I saw Zhang Zifeng in hysteria ;

stay 《 Chinese doctors 》 After seeing “ Zifeng a tear ”;

《 The future of midsummer 》 came .

It's too much , Can the quality be excellent ?

《 The future of midsummer 》 Play her mother's , That's a “ Acting Textbook ” fourth .

Hao Lei's view of performance has always been sharp : Everything comes, really ; Now most actors are not real ; Unreal how to perform ?

00 Later, Zhang Zifeng was in front of her , Will you miss ?

Play with her CP Wu Lei , The most popular topic this year is : The entertainment circle “ Male morality represents ”.

Such a combination of lineups , Play a youth film , Is it reliable ?

《 The future of midsummer 》 The title of the film , It's easy to remember 《 Midsummer light year 》.

If you think this is another standard “ Youth movie ”, It's a big mistake .

Most youth films , There are no more than two routines :

A kind of , See only bright, not sad , Sweet honey sprinkles sugar to fall in love ;

There is another kind. , Not pregnant 、 It's a car accident , In short, how dog blood comes .

《 The future of midsummer 》 Not one of them .

On the opening tiktok, we put the video on the big screen , Wu Lei and Zhang Zifeng are going to have a “ Say go go travel ”.

Just , It's very fierce .

The people in the movie , Everyone is very “ do ” Of , Each is a fuel-efficient lamp .

Hao Lei's mother , While reading with the daughter of senior three , While chatting with a male netizen “ Hainan fruit king ”.( Not the child's father )

People are courteous , Send her fruit , She also dislikes : Don't send me longan again , It's going to get angry .

People ask to meet , She refused to welcome : You distract me so much , You call me again , I'll pull you black .

It's really black , And make complaints about it “ When it's dark, there's no movement ?”

This is definitely a parent of a senior three student ? Not middle-aged silly white sweet ?

If you have a mother, you have a daughter . Zhang Zifeng's daughter Chen , Not a good girl .

It's almost the college entrance examination , Running out in the middle of the night in the rain 、 swimming , Put yourself “ do ” To get sick , Screw up the college entrance examination , Succeed in getting her mother's accompanying career , From one year to two years .

Ask her why she's not playing well , Little girl, big la la : I'm lovelorn !

The object of dating Zheng Yuxing ( Wu lei Decoration ), He is also a popular person on campus + Tiktok .

Without consent 、 Inexplicably, it became the word in Chen Chen's mouth “ Boy friend ”.

I didn't plan to take the college entrance examination at all , Playing a disc every day 、 Tiktok , The most visited places are ―― nightclub .

18 Year-old girl , Already can speak “ People who are not in the same world should not disturb each other That will only make you look childish ” This poisonous chicken soup .

In school , One is the top three , A countdown first , Zheng Yuxing is always against the teacher :

Why can't we change places ? I'm also very stable ! Falling in love won't affect your grades !

School grass Zheng Yuxing stops learning bully Chen Chen after school , Ask people if they have a crush on her ;

Chen Chen replied to the enthusiastic masses : I'm not his predecessor , I'm his current !

Take a run in PE class , The painting style has become a pink bubble picture of men chasing women , Surrounded by classmates 、 Teacher criticism 、 The fire spread all over the school ;

Pull Chen Chen to shoot a video, Guan Xuan “ This is my girlfriend ”, The reason is just : I've lost some powder recently .

Chen Chen's mother was so angry that she couldn't do anything , Only ask them : You two children , Can you be normal ?

I also want to know : What the hell are they doing ???

The famous scene in the film is ,“ Hainan fruit king ” I came all the way home to find Chen Chen's mother , Zheng Yuxing came to Chen Chen at the same time .

Two groups of people collided at the door of their house , All trying to make up , Are showing their feet .

Fruit king is polite : Then I'll go back , You don't have to send me , Although I came all the way .

Chen Chen's mother went downhill with a donkey , Tell the children : Then I'd better send you Uncle Wang .

Zheng Yuxing pretends to be shocked : I thought it was your father .

The two children watched the adults say goodbye on the corridor , While arranging the lines .

wow , You two middle-aged people , In front of the children , Can you keep a low profile ?

Today's high school students , Do you know too much ?

The truth is , They do know a lot .

Chen Chen failed in the college entrance examination , Because I saw my parents' chat records before the exam .

They divorced long ago , They even have new contacts , And play in front of the children , Just to survive the college entrance examination and then leave .

Social news is full of this kind of , Adults call “ Good for children ” In the name of , I've been seeing each other for a long time , And a play for children . When the college entrance examination is over , The bird in the same forest immediately becomes a flying swallow .

Children's 18 year , Become the of adults Deadline , As if time had come , You can pay in cash , Pat your ass and go , Since then, everything has nothing to do with yourself .

―― That's what's called “ Good for children ”?

Children actually know everything , A word of “ Who is Hainan fruit king ” It pierced .

Failing the exam is to repeat for a year , Look at this year , Can parents have a better chance .

Both sides are sacrificing 、 Are suffering , But neither side is happy .

Zheng Yuxing , There is a DJ dream , I didn't aim at the college entrance examination .

He is a little more lonely than Chen Chen , single-parent family , Follow your father .

The father basically ignored him , Leave him at school , The school helps manage the son , Don't worry about yourself .

Each has his own selfishness , But no one dares to pierce first , Show your selfishness openly .

In contrast, Chen Chen and Zheng Yuxing , Much brighter than parents .

It all seems to go too far 、 All crazy “ do ”, The background color is actually “ Dare to ”.

Zheng Yuxing seems to be fooling around , Don't love learning , Just teasing girls .

But he was right. DJ career , It's not really hot .

I got a mixer at home 、bass, The piano plays like a mold .

Chen Chen went to his house once , Sang a song of Mayday 《 hug 》, He took samples , Made an exclusive song .

And take a bar that's empty during the day , Give Chen Chen the song he made on the spot .

He told the DJ Ming At first it was 8 year 、 Separated from 2000 Many kilometers ( Beijing - Xiamen ) Long distance love between my sister and brother .

To the second half ,Ming It is already an unreachable name , And a “ Can be ” Industry benchmark .

In the process , The person he met was Chen Chen .

Chen Chen has been secretly in love with him since his sophomore year in senior high school , He also became a small episode in the process of realizing Zheng Yuxing's dream .

Both of them are fake and true , It's true and false again , Not boyfriend and girlfriend , It's a close friend .

“ If the person you like likes you , How nice ”, Namely 18 Years of love , Know what you can't do 、 There may not be a future , Still have to try , If you get hurt, you get hurt , It's also a scar of pride .

Two senior three repeat students , In the end, they all chose to be honest with themselves , And be honest with each other .

Chen Chen would rather be punished , And never sign on the supporting materials 、 Identify Zheng Yuxing and pester himself .

Zheng Yuxing really didn't pass the college entrance examination at last , But became a rising star at the Music Festival “DJ XYZ”.

The children are so “ Dare to ”, In turn, the adults have become a little brave , No more acting for superficial peace , With the so-called overall situation Say goodbye .

When Chen Chen's mother finally got together with the fruit king , The whole look relaxed , There will be no more fierce strength .

That's what it is. 《 The future of midsummer 》 The most special place :

It looks like “ Incorrect ”, But it fits the real life ―― Mixed with seven emotions and six desires 、 Love not , And want to break through the confinement of life .

Be honest with yourself , A person who is honest with others , Is the warrior who is responsible for life .

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