Song Zude sent a document to bombard he Jiong and suggested that he Jiong leave Hunan Taiwan. After reading the comments, he Jiong's reputation has really declined

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song zude sent document bombard

After Wu Yifan incident , Many stars have been questioned to varying degrees , There was pan Weibo 、 Lin Junjie sent a lawyer's letter to refute the rumor after being reported by his real name , And then , Fan bb, Packages bear 、 Jing bairan 、 He Jiong was revealed to be Wu “ partner ”, The four chose to report the case one after another , This matter has come to an end . however , It seems that he Jiong's trouble is not over yet .

8 month 8 Japan , Song Zude sent a document to bombard he Jiong , Shouting, he Jiong took the initiative to get out of Hunan Satellite TV . And shelled “ Happy family ” Host Xie Na and Du Haitao . The article has been published, which has aroused the heated discussion of the majority of netizens , And what's surprising is , Most netizens support song Zude's suggestion .

Summarize the following , The reasons given by song Zude in this article are as follows :

1, Fast Book hosted by he Jiong , Wu Yifan has been invited many times to help the tyrant , and “ Quick copy ” The program is vulgar , The program is neither humorous , There is no cultural connotation , For years, it has misled teenagers to pursue stars , Suspected of influencing teenagers' values .

2, meanwhile , He Jiong 、 Shana et al , Use national resources to hype yourself into a star , Make a lot of money . At the same time, hold some red small fresh meat , Many are bad artists .

3, Song Zude also focused on criticizing Du Haitao , Think he's not only bad at hosting , He also spoke for cheating p2p, Cheated many fans of hard-earned money , They should be held legally responsible .

Song Zude thinks , The star who should really be pursued , It should be Li Lanjuan 、 Qian xuesen 、 Yuan Longping and other people who have made contributions to the country and the people .

It is worth mentioning that , At the end of the article , Song Zude also mentioned washing, cutting and blowing in Hangzhou , Predict that he will never escape prison , As we all know , Just months ago , Song Zude reported him stealing in his real name S.

Many netizens think , Song Zude's criticism is very reasonable , Some netizens left a message ,“ The show is a large group of people like crazy people , Jump around on the stage , Children who are not sensible like watching , This will mislead the child's sense of direction ”. There are also netizens who speak out :“ Go back to the program , Sin is great , Entertainment to s, Not only poison teenagers , It also brings unhealthy atmosphere to society , It is suggested that the radio, film and Television Bureau block such programs , Also block the relevant hosts .”

Look back , Hunan TV in recent years , Indeed, there have been many controversial events and disturbances : The first is the male star “ Niang Hua ” The phenomenon , There is a lake One for Nantai “ The credit ”. Because Hunan TV is the first batch of satellite TV to import Korean culture into the Mainland , And now it seems that the Korean wave invasion , Although it enriches the audience's choice , But it also brings many side effects , Especially now mainland male stars are gradually heavily makeup “ Niang Hua ” It has something to do with the influence of the Korean star men's group .

And Hunan TV because of excessive entertainment , It has also been criticized by the official roll call more than once . He was also criticized by the inspection team , Call it “ Over entertainment ”, Urge Hunan Radio and television station to target “ Over reliance on variety entertainment , Over reliance on Star artists , Excessive pursuit of commercial value and market ” Work hard , And adjust the golden file arrangement , Add news 、 Public welfare programs 、 And public service advertisements .

And about Hunan TV host , In the past two years, the car has been overturned constantly . First of all, it was led by he Jiong “ Happy family ” Group fan gift event , The people's daily once issued a document 《 Don't let unhealthy tendencies poison young people 》 Criticize the host and staff of Hunan TV station . call “ From bread to drink , To big luxury goods , Even gold bars , The value of gifts is amazing ”、“ These unhealthy tendencies have spread to the whole entertainment industry , The line of business has clear rules , Such guidance is tantamount to telling young fans , Just giving gifts can solve many problems , Grow up with this value , The consequences are unimaginable .”

After being commented by the state media , He Jiong and other happy family members apologized one after another , This matter will not end . In addition to the problem of hosting the business , Du Haitao and Wu Xin jointly founded “ Spicy fight spicy ” The hot pot shop has poor kitchen hygiene , Flies fly disorderly and are suspended by the market supervision department for rectification , Even during the investigation , Du Haitao's shop did not apply for a food business license , It belongs to unlicensed operation .

For the practice of opening franchise stores on the star platform in recent years , The people's Daily has criticized “ Stars open hotpot shops to cut leeks ”, To put it bluntly, this business model , Is to use a mature routine to charge a high franchise fee for profit , There are even many security risks , Not filed , Urgent supervision .

As for song Zude's shouting to get he Jiong out of Hunan Taiwan , Many netizens have also given opposing views , Think too extreme , Think song Zude's anger from the program to the host should not .

Because which stars are invited to the program , What's the matter with teacher he ? I love watching the program hosted by Mr. He . Some netizens questioned song Zude , Many TV stations now have entertainment programs , Why did song Zude target Hunan Taiwan ? Obviously, it is to rub the heat and hype .

actually , This view of netizens also makes some sense , On the one hand, because , When the program group invited Wu Yifan , The man hasn't overturned yet , He Jiong and other hosts can't predict that Wu Yifan will become a bad artist . On the other hand , He Jiong is just a host , You don't have permission to choose who is on the program , Just do a good job of hosting .

in addition , Song Zude is also famous for his fondness for touching porcelain stars , Some netizens listed song Zude's list of stars , He said that in the early days, he made fire by touching porcelain stars , He has commented on almost all the stars in the entertainment industry , For example, Lin Zhiling is evaluated as an artificial beauty , Call it leaving Yan Chengxu “ The most poisonous woman's heart ”, Huang Shengyi has no front and no back , Doubt that they can't have children . Comment on Guo Degang's endorsement fee , I've long forgotten my roots . Evaluate Cecilia Cheung's hype by men and so on .

Song Zude's language is mostly very tricky and vicious , Some touch porcelain without nutrition and slander . And sometimes it makes sense , Especially in recent years , Song Zude began to like the star who overturned the car , Like this time, I met Wu Yifan , Lin so and so , It really attracted a lot of fans .

And this time, Hunan TV was opened for excessive entertainment , And the disqualification of the host , Taken together , Song Zude's view is partly justified , But because the program group hosted by he Jiong invited Wu Yifan , Let he Jiong get out of Hunan Taiwan , It's a little extreme . But why do so many netizens make complaints about what He Jiong is doing , Support song Zude , It can also be seen that he Jiong has been criticized by the state media since the gift reception incident , Indeed, word-of-mouth has seriously declined . If he Jiong wants to regain the popularity of the audience , We also need to reshape our professionalism .

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