The best love film in the first half of the year, does it match?

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best love film half year

Many netizens call it " The best romantic film in the first half of the year ".

douban 8.5, In Japan, the box office has topped the list for six consecutive weeks , Good and good .

It's so good ? Let's see ――

《 A bouquet of love 》2021.1.29 Japan

The lineup of the film is quite luxurious .

Two leading actors , One is a young actor who was promoted to the top of the film ( Kanda Jianghui ),

One is the village flower who nominated the movie queen as soon as he made his debut ( You have a pure village ).

They are all players with good strength and appearance .

The editor and director are the conscience duo of the industry .

The director Nobuhiro Doi , I've made many popular plays , such as 《 quartet 》《 It's shameful but useful to escape 》.

The writers Sakamoto Yuji It is more well known to Japanese drama fans ,

Many classics, such as 《 Tokyo love story 》《 mother 》《 The perfect divorce 》 etc. , It's all from him .

He came here as a screenwriter , The style of the film is basically decided .

The lines are still golden sentences frequently , The story is still a kind of true knowledge in plain life .

The story takes place in 2015 Tokyo, Japan .

Wheat , Sophomores are reading a .

He is a strange man .

When you come out , He is sitting on the side of the road to age the passers-by ;

What I like to hear is " Something like a crowbar ";

I like the giant natural gas storage tanks in the city , And made a movie for them ......

Small silk , Also sophomores .

Also a strange person .

I like to use the ticket stub of the movie ticket as a bookmark ;

What I like to hear is from ramen shop " Free noodles ";

Always pay attention to the headphone cable, always knot 、 If the toast falls on the ground, it must be after butter or something ......

Two wonderful flowers with many strange habits , Happen to know .

As a result, I don't know , A chat startles me .

It turns out that they are not only strange , As like as two peas ――

Favorite writer 、 The director 、 The singers are all the same ;

Even the shoes are white ball shoes of the same brand ......

In their own words : It's like meeting a replica of yourself .

Need to know , These two people before that , It's all that " People who will be pulled to the party because they have to make up ".

Now I met a 100% Lily photographer , It's natural to come together .

Even the time of confession was implicitly set at the same time .

The date period is naturally as sweet as honey .

The cohabitation life after graduation is still enviable .

Xiao Juan began to look for a job , Wheat also began to draw illustrations for publishing houses to make money .

They chose their favorite house and furniture , Even if this place has to walk to the station 30 minutes .

I heard Xiao Juan crying on the phone , Wheat rushed all the way to the subway station without changing his clothes .

Every day, wheat will wait for Xiaojuan at the subway entrance to get off work , Then walk home together , Talk while walking .

Everything seems to be developing towards the best of love . But things are not so simple .

True love , Most of them are sure to go through their life hand in hand with each other .

But they always want to enter the society . The film does not give the couple a golden finger , They are just two ordinary people .

Like wheat , Although I like drawing and illustration , But it's not enough to make a living .

It was agreed that 1 An illustration 1000 Yen , Talked about by the boss 3 Zhang 1000 Yen .

Wheat only asked a little , He was ruthlessly fired .

The screenwriter here arranged an easy to be ignored , But the important details ――

It was Xiao Juan who got a job first .

In order not to delay , Wheat began to go crazy looking for a job .

However, I couldn't find it for a long time .

therefore , Finally he found a new company .

The reason can be imagined ―― The new company is easier to enter .

What are the problems that new companies are prone to ?

The crazy overtime brought by the development period .

Wheat as a new employee , No voice , The burden of overtime fell on him .

In Japan, , For wheat who finally found a job , The words are not very good .

Just bite your teeth and stick to it .

therefore , A series of problems followed .

The painting I used to like no longer has time to insist ;

I don't have time to enjoy my favorite movies with Xiao Juan 、 comic 、 game ……

Even many appointments with Xiao Juan , They often have to give up because of sudden work .

Wheat believes that these are the truth of life that people should accept , It's a man's responsibility .

In other words , He has gradually accepted the temper of society .

but , Xiao Juan didn't .

She is still full of fantasies about beautiful love .

She is still chasing her favorite comics and games ;

She still doesn't take work as a responsibility , It's all about interest .

At first , She can also tolerate wheat's busy in the cold .

but , After a long time , She is also tired of pandering and conniving . Because I'm too familiar with , The impatience of the other party can often be perceived through an expression or a look . The hearts that once made others envy are interlinked , On the contrary, it became the fuse of their quarrel .

One cannot change , One can't go back .

Contradictions have accumulated so little ......

About the movie , The first is two words , visually attractive .

Both stars actually have 28 year , Not young .

But acting as a college student is still full of pure emotion , Full of youth , Don't let anyone play at all .

secondly , As a love movie , The film gives the audience a dream setting ――

When You fall in love with someone who has the same interests as you , And he just fell in love with you , What's going to happen ?

The answer is , Sweet to explode .

This film is rare , Made a love movie with exciting feeling .

One side , The film uses a special dual perspective to shoot this love story .

When two people with the same frequency of ideas Talk about love , Each of them whispered in his heart with a narrator .

The impression can only say , Double the sweetness .

The reason why the film is good , It's mainly because the details of screenwriter Sakamoto Yuer are good .

The man himself is a man with many strange hobbies . Like what " Must use a good Ming Dynasty font " La ," Prefer very small font size " La .

All in all , Compared with wheat and silk , It's better than .

The protagonist he focuses on , It's usually some stupid , Strange people .

The pictures are usually about their lives , Not the experience of catching a horse .

《 quartet 》

the 《 A bouquet of love 》 Is the same .

The love between wheat and silk , It is more reflected in all kinds of small details of life .

For example, wheat sends small silk to the car , But because I'm too happy , I forgot that I was carrying something for her .

For example, two people wait for the traffic light together , But I forgot that I was waiting for the pedestrian self-service traffic light .

In fact, where is waiting for the traffic light ?

What we're waiting for is who comes first .

Blessings of such details , Let this relationship be shaped more realistic .

No sensational tears , An open and close plot , But it's easier to touch .

Sakamoto Yuer is like this , In particular, I will explore the romance in plain life .

however , The ambition of the film is not limited to a sweet love film .

But to expose a cruel fact :

Even with people who are so in tune , Will also be hit hard by life .

If the first half of the film is about how sweet this love is , Then the second half is about how heartbreaking the end of this love is .

It also uses the same two means as the first half ―― Dual perspective and detail .

such as , Little white shoes once loved by both sides , Into leather shoes ;

such as , They still have the same frequency , It's just the opposite of what you think ;

Real bed dreams

The saddest thing is the following paragraph .

Wheat's elder died unexpectedly , He was devastated , However, Xiao Juan didn't respond .

In wheat's opinion, that man is respectable 、 A righteous elder ,

But in the eyes of girls such as Xiao Juan , That man is a typical male chauvinist , Pretty fancy .

Wheat was sad all night alone .

The next morning , Little silk tentatively tried to comfort wheat .

But he doesn't want to hear .

Xiaojuan also knows that it's too late .

It is still a small detail that can easily be ignored in life , It's still a dual perspective . But it no longer reflects the same mind , It's moving away .

but , The biggest disadvantage of this film is also reflected here .

Because we should reflect the contrast between the former and the latter , There are too many foreshadows and comparisons deliberately set up , It's too obvious .

For example, in the early stage, both of them loved the same writer , Later, Xiaojuan found that the book that wheat was more interested in became 《 Success studies 》;

For example, two people use the same stem to comfort each other in the front and back periods ;

Like the last young couple who suddenly appeared , It exists entirely as a comparison of the current situation of men and women .

If it's the volume of a play , Maybe it can carry these contrasts evenly .

But for a movie , These comparisons appear a little too accurate and frequent .

It's really a little deliberate , Even some are counterproductive .

Many scenes are moving , But also reduced to a stacked display .

Besides , This film is a complete display of the whole process of their love .

The sweetness of love , Alienation in contradiction , The relief after separation .

But tell the truth. , Because the first paragraph took almost half the time of the film , It leads to some frustration in the last two paragraphs .

Especially the last paragraph .

Although I can understand, the film still wants to interpret " The beauty you have is also beautiful ".

But almost the whole paragraph is explained by narration , Serious lack of infectivity .

however , Generally speaking , One flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade .

In this sensational environment , The film is as valuable as a clear stream .

The best love film in the first half of the year , This evaluation , No problem .

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