At the age of 59, Huang Rihua was obviously overweight and in a good mood when he appeared on the court. He was suspected of getting out of the pain of losing his wife

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age huang rihua obviously overweight

8 month 8 Japan , Some netizens updated a dynamic message on the social platform , Exposed the recent situation of Hong Kong artist Huang Rihua , He recently appeared on the court , Exercise with your friends , The mood looks very good .

Huang Rihua wears an orange shirt , Dressed very low-key , And his complexion seems to have tanned a lot , There are many wrinkles at the end of the eyes , The old state is very obvious . The small belly is prominent, and there is a tendency to get fat , But his arm muscles are not lost to the young people around him , It can be seen that his physical quality is still very good .

When warming up , Huang Rihua doesn't feel very hard at all , Be able to keep up with the people around you , There seems to be a smile between the eyebrows and eyes . His overall mental state is still very good , Maybe already through sports and so on , Gradually out of the pain of losing his wife .

Besides Huang Rihua , There were other Hong Kong stars present that day , Such as actor Guan Lijie . Guan Lijie seems to have some difficulty in running , Tight frown and deep legal lines . But they can play together in private , It shows that their relationship is still very good .

Huang Rihua has now 59 Year old , He was once a favorite actor of many people , Has brought 《 Yang Jiajiang 》《 Justice does not look like 》《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 And other classic film and television dramas , The acting is always superb , Therefore, I have also obtained TVB Best Actor Award .

Huang Rihua and his wife Liang Jiehua are in 1980 Became a couple in , Multiple opening and closing in the middle , But still 1988 Married in , And had a lovely daughter . But in the last year 5 month 26 Japan , Liang Jiehua died of illness , Huang Rihua once retired to take care of his wife , After his wife died, he was very sad .

Now Huang Rihua can get together with his friends , Exercise by playing football , Prove that he has no depression , I wish him good health in the future .

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