Song with the king premiered. Cheng Yi's acting skills were praised as "one person with thousands of faces", and xuanlu's ancient costume was amazing

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song king premiered. premiered cheng

In the ancient costume Xianxia drama 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 After that , The popularity of costume drama continues to decline , The hit dramas that continue to dominate the screen are all modern dramas , And there are few hot money , Only 《 You are my glory 》 The heat is very high , But the update is too slow . More than half the summer , There are no wonderful pop dramas , It's a kind of suffering for the little partners who pursue the play , The summer vacation without costume drama seems more imperfect .

But in the last part of the summer vacation , We finally waited for a costume drama that we had been thinking about for a long time , You Chengyi 、 Zhang to the sunrise 、 An ancient costume conspiracy love drama starring Xuan Lu 《 Song with Jun 》, The play is based on Feihua's novel 《 Sword Qi Movement 》 Adaptation , It is a popular ancient costume romance novel , So before the show started , It has attracted the attention of many netizens .

In the expectation of many viewers , The play finally started ,《 Song with Jun 》 premiere , It has received a lot of praise , Cheng Yi plays Qi Yan, the son of Daxing in the play , It refreshes the audience's understanding , Cheng Yi's acting is really wonderful , He put a sick girl 、 Subtly malicious 、 Forbear 、 lonely 、 The high and cold emperor performed incisively and vividly .

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