Is Liu Xiaolingtong's "money fan" really so unbearable??

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liu xiaolingtong money fan really

《 miser 》 It's a film by six young children , The movie that starred ,86 edition 《 Journey to the west 》 Several of the actors in have made guest appearances .

As for this movie , The main reason for poor reputation is that the film itself does not meet the requirements of basic film works , This is not just a fabrication , It's also a failure in shooting and editing .

The overall plot is the story of Liu Xiaoling playing Hao Kunpeng , Because the stock market has changed from an ordinary vegetable vendor to a multimillionaire . Here's the interesting thing , Why does the last point of the promotional film make Zhang Jinlai always play the monkey king , Play the same action ?

Many people also commented on Liu Xiaolingtong's teacher in the film 《 miser 》 The role played in , It's similar to him , Fall into the eyes of money ,《 miser 》 Many people call it the teacher of liuxiaolingtong “ Semi autobiographical films ”

Selling feelings is still the evil taste of the director ?

I think there's too much to make complaints about . The plot is simple , Serious water injection . In short , This is a movie that can be persuaded by watching the title . Those who can insist on seeing the last are not ordinary people , I'm lucky to be such a person .

Everyone insisted on watching the film review together .

《 Journey to the west 》 The first 86 I believe so 80、90 Many childhood memories after . Especially the classic group of four , Known for its high character recognition .

However ,《 Journey to the west 》 The first 86 Since the broadcast of the edition , Although the four mentors have staged many film and television dramas one after another , But there have never been waves . Only liuxiaoling children have some related topics . He has publicly announced many times , Organize the original crew to reunite , shooting 《 Journey to the west 》 Cinema movie version .

In an interview program , Liu Xiaoling asked the audience .

“ I haven't seen it 《 Journey to the west 》 Please raise your hand for this episode ?”

No one in the audience raised their hands .“ What is an international superstar ?”

Say that , The six little bowling children leaned against the back of the chair .

Be commonly called “ Tactical backwardness ”!

For a while , Many film and television works have derived 《 Journey to the west 》 The classic IP, For example, Zhang Xinyu , Of 《 Fight against the tears of the great sage of the Buddha 》, Song Xiaofeng's 《 Happily, Tianpeng spread 》 wait . These works , From monkey king and pig Bajie , It reinterprets the westbound road from the perspective of , All kinds of feelings and life insights, that is, they don't know when they gave monk Sha a chance .

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