In 2012, Xiang you complained that the service quality of the prince hotel in Dongguan was too poor and wanted to default

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xiang complained service quality prince

2012 year , Xiang you is in trouble again , He thinks the service quality of the ladies in Dongguan Prince Hotel is too poor , Want to break the bill without giving money , The hotel owner wants to break his three legs , Yelled at you : I think any of you dare touch me , I'm Xiang Huaqiang's son .

Mention Xiang Huaqiang , That's a famous figure in Hong Kong's entertainment industry . He who dabbles in black and white , There are many properties and companies under my name . When Hong Kong's most prestigious star sees Xiang Huaqiang, he should also give in to three points .

His wife Chen Lan is also a heroine , They have two children , One is Xiang Zuo , One is Xiang you .

That year , LV Liangwei saw 25 Year old Xiang Zuo is practicing kung fu seriously , He's curious : Why are you so old to practice kung fu ? It's a little late !

Answer honestly to Zuo : My father asked me to practice !

LV Liangwei laughed at him : Why are you so afraid of your father when you are so old ?

Xiang Zuo said : Aren't you afraid of my father ? Lu Liangwei said : Of course I'm afraid , Don't you see that I practice Kung Fu every day !

exactly , In the entertainment industry, not only is LV Liangwei afraid of Xiang Huaqiang , And star Donnie Yen 、 Jet Li 、 Chow yun-fat 、 Andy Lau and others are also in awe of him , Even the mainland host Zhang Shaogang said he was afraid of Xiang Huaqiang .

Xiang Huaqiang's father 1940 The new Yi'an gang was established in Hong Kong in . His wives , Gave him a bunch of babies , Xiang Huaqiang ranked 10th .

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