How terrible is it to marry a man who doesn't make progress? Just look at Xu Fengqiao

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terrible marry man doesn make

How terrible it is to marry a man who doesn't make progress ? Just look at Xu Fengqiao

The most capable daughter of the Xu family married the least progressive son of the sun family , The sun family seems to like such an inappropriate match , The eldest Young Master Sun Shijie likes to play with words , But he found a daughter of a military general's family as his wife , The second young master led the troops to fight outside , But he had another talented woman as his wife , Sun Jinge is the son of the sun family who does not want to make progress and has no ability , The sun family let him marry Xu Fengqiao, the most capable daughter of the Xu family , Xu Fengqiao is also very miserable , Marry a man who has no ambition , Not only rely on yourself to secure a position at home , And think about how to put your husband “ help ” get up .

Many people think Xu Fengqiao is a villain , Because she made a lot of obstacles for the hostess , She doesn't want her mistress to marry to the sun family , In order to consolidate his power, he destroyed the innocence of the Li family's daughter , But who can see the pain behind her ? The Housekeeper will say it's profitable , But for a girl like Xu Fengqiao who came from a big family , If the husband makes progress , Why should she take on this time-consuming and thankless housekeeper , Who doesn't want to enjoy happiness , Be a good young grandmother of a big family , Reality does not allow her to do so .

Sun Jinge is the least progressive of the four sons of the sun family , The young master has good literary talent , Number one in high school , The second young master is a good soldier in the war , Even the fourth young master has fame , He made great contributions to flood control and was appreciated by the Emperor , Only sun Jinge , If he doesn't become a martial artist, he won't , If Xu Fengqiao doesn't work hard , The couple really don't have a sense of existence in the sun family , Xu Fengqiao had to try to prop up Sanfang's face .

No matter how effective Xu Fengqiao is in the back house , In the future, the four sons of the sun family will be separated after all , If sun Jinge doesn't work hard , The days of Xu Fengqiao in the future can be imagined , Xu Fengqiao wants to push her husband up , But this sun Jinge is a loser , No matter how Xu Fengqiao pulls him, he can't . In front of Sun Xun, Xu Fengqiao managed to fight for an opportunity for sun Jinge , I wanted to urge my husband to study hard , Let Sun Xun look at him with new eyes , Also seek a post , I don't want sun Jinge to be enterprising , A book that doesn't read into the stream , But it made Xu Fengqiao angry .

Sun Jinge is lecherous 、 Not making progress , Xu Fengqiao really wronged her by marrying such a person . Who doesn't want a little bird to depend on others ? But reality does not allow Xu Fengqiao to do so , If she's not tough , Sun Jinge doesn't know what he will do , She can't control her husband at all , If she doesn't work hard in the back house , Sanfang not only has no power in the court , There is no place in the back house , Xu Fengqiao can't watch such a thing happen .

Marrying sun Jinge and Xu Fengqiao is like a burden , She wants to help sun Jinge pay off his gambling debts , And try to make her husband go up , It's a pity that sun Jinge can't get up after all , Marry such a man who doesn't want to make progress , Xu Fengqiao is really exhausted , You can marry without looking at your family , But I can't help but look at my character , Do not look at ability , A man like sun Jinge , Even with a good family background , It's also tragic for a woman to marry him , Just look at Xu Fengqiao .

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