Zheng Shuang was suspected of being soft to Zhang Heng, begged him for a way to live, flattered and said: I'm your little monster

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zheng shuang suspected soft zhang

Zheng Shuang , A strange woman in the entertainment circle , After a successful career , One of the most desired things is to look forward to a beautiful love .

But , Things often backfire , It's hard to get what you want , Maybe she doesn't know yet , It's not her looks that lose to love , But from her humble nature .

Love comes from play Zhang Han, who was in love, died without illness

Take a picture of 《 Watch the meteor shower together 》 when , Met the first prince charming Zhang Han .

Two people are in love because of the play , A young man , A school flower , Their relationship has been supported and recognized by netizens , After all, there were two people CP Let the netizens who like them eat very sweet .

In this love , Zheng Shuang showed 120% sincerity , Even to show their loyalty to love , Break through your bottom line .

At that time, in order to protect her love , Show loyalty to Zhang Han , She refused all kisses , She is moving towards the peak of her career and has lost too many resources , But in her opinion , For Zhang Han , It's all worth it .

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