Brother Xu Min "took the opportunity to collect money"? Rush to register the trademark of "wrong life for 28 years" and intervene in film shooting

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brother xu min took opportunity

The wrong life change incident has been exposed since , It has aroused widespread public concern , With the proposal of a possible exchange in the near future , The heat remained high for months , As a party, I just want a truth , Netizens who have been paying attention to this matter for a long time also think so , However, the heat of the event itself has attracted many people with supreme interests .

An overseas institution without the consent of the parties , With “ Wrong life 28 year ” The prototype characters in the film held the film launch ceremony , In order to prevent the company from causing further harm to the parties , Brother Xu Min stood up to protect his sister's family , The rush to register the trademark prevented the film from being made . however , Brother Xu Min's move , But being watched by some people , The wind of net storm comes one after another , He was shaped into “ Take the opportunity to collect money ” Personal design . For some time afterwards , There are more and more rumors about Xu Min's brother , For example, the niece of Guo moukuan's past experience “ Second creation ”, Even identity information was leaked ...

It can be seen that , The above people do everything for the sake of online violence against brother Xu Min , So what kind of conspiracy is hidden behind them ?

The obvious purpose is simple —— Shift your eyes .

Whether Xu Min's family is raped by the Internet , Or herself , And Guo Wei, who has been silent for a long time , Even the single moth on the side of Du Mou Branch , All played a role , That's causing people's attention to shift , Don't pay attention to the wrong way to protect rights in life itself , But being involved in the family . To say the most direct performance , That is, Xu Min's identity information and contact information were leaked by someone before , And it also came out that Xu Min “ report ” What fans say .

This is the deeper purpose behind —— Smash Xu Min's human design in the hearts of the public .

Xu Min gives the impression that she is very sincere , At the beginning, I didn't even have the heart to be on guard , Otherwise, you won't end up in the dilemma of being occupied by the house , But her impression in the public mind has always been very good . However , No matter how beautiful it is , Can't stand some people's crazy attack , Take Xu Min as a shield at any time , Cause some people who don't know the truth to gradually feel disgusted , The human design will collapse , Netizens who have been supporting her before , Will also be afraid to testify because of some concerns .

besides , There are also some people who deliberately pretend to be close to this family for profit , such as “ Some god ”, The man is in 5 month 8 After the trial on the th, he became famous , Many people know that such a person exists . At first, people thought he was an enthusiastic blogger who supported rights protection , Unexpectedly, he took advantage of Xu Min's Henan brother's trust , Cheated them of their personal data and contact information , After the first instance, he asked Xu Min's brother for relevant information about the wrong case , But it didn't succeed in the end , Because he has been suspected , The storm of divulging identity information before the court session , It's probably related to this person .

Sure enough , It's really a bad thing that a God was finally picked out , But he bit back , Praise the Min family for not being trustworthy , They leaked the information themselves .

Obviously, I just want the truth , Originally, this road of safeguarding rights is hard enough , As a result, so many cattle, ghosts, snakes and gods jumped out , Even if it doesn't drive the client crazy , It will also drain your energy , So unscrupulous , It is inevitable that people will not doubt the power behind it , I can actually think of driving away witnesses with my own information security problems , It can't be underestimated . Fortunately, the public has already become golden eyes , Will no longer be confused by evil images , Fairness and justice in the world will never be trampled on by anyone !

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