For scarrow, I lost 11 kilograms in half a month, tanned and shaved my head! Review the classic roles played by Wu kangren in "huatuoye"

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scarrow lost kilograms half month

Public TV epic flagship drama 《 Scaro 》 Soon to be in 8/14 Broadcast , Wu kangren interprets the head of Shiliao in the play 「 Shui Zi 」, Lose weight by eating nuts and running in half a month 11 kg , And tan and shave your head , Make everyone surprised and admire , Completely changed a person ! Wu kangren said he basks in the sun every day , Let yourself black and black , Also deliberately hunchback , Every time I get to the set, I grab the soil underground , He said it's most natural to let the black and dirty in your fingernails , The nail seams were never clean before they were finished .

In those days 《 The distance between us and evil 》 The finalist of Admiralty is shooting an unpublished 《 Scaro 》, Because tanning 、 Skinny and shaved , Arouse everyone's curiosity , Thought his new role was the father of the country !

《 Scaro 》 It is adapted from Chen Yaochang's novel 《 Puppet flower 》, The story is based on real history 「 The luomei incident 」.8/14 Starting from public television 、 Public view +、LINE TV、Netflix、myVideo、MOD and Hami video Joint broadcast ! And drama works up to 50 Wu kangren with many films , Often make sacrifices for the perfect interpretation of the role , Very dedicated ! In this article, let's share some classic roles played by Wu kangren !

《 Scaro

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