A generation of famous actors, whose kung fu is more senior than Jet Li, are gradually disappearing

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generation famous actors kung fu

A generation of famous actor yuan Biao , I believe everyone is already familiar with him . Since his debut, he has participated in countless classic fighting films , Created countless classic characters , Left a deep impression on the audience . Once he was popular throughout the entertainment industry , It has a high status and prestige in the performing arts circle , It's enviable .

Speaking of Yuan Biao's life , It can be said that it has experienced ups and downs .16 Years old with a good Kung Fu debut in the performing arts circle , Participated in the classic film starring Bruce Lee 《 Fist of fury 》、《 a dragon and a tiger in combat 》. After that, he took part in many films , At first, he was less famous in the performing arts circle .1979 He was invited to star in 《 Miscellaneous boy 》 Spring into fame , It became popular all over the country and won the first prize 2 Best action director of the Hong Kong Film Awards .

Later, Yuan Biao made an appointment , In just a few years, I participated in 《A plan 》、《 Wheels on Meals |》、《 huang feihong 》 And many popular movies , Deeply loved by the audience and highly concerned by the media , Become a very influential figure in the entertainment industry . Because of his kung fu , So in the 1993 He was invited to serve as 《 Xinlongmen Inn 》 Action guidance , The film was well received by the audience .

And according to the media , Starring jet li 《 Dragon in the world 》 After being badly commented by the audience , Yuan Biao sincerely gave Jet Li suggestions and advice , And say that acting should be innovative , You can't do the old routine . Who can guide Jet Li like this , You can imagine the position of Yuan Biao at that time . But unfortunately , At the peak of my career , Yuan Biao suddenly withdrew from the performing arts circle , until 2004 It gradually returned to TV dramas in , But it rarely appears on the screen .

source : Miao Haixia talks about entertainment

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