Su Bingtian's wife basks in daily food. Netizen: her cooking is extraordinary. The life of "Su Shen" is different

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su bingtian wife basks daily

Su Bingtian's wife basks in daily delicacies , Net friend : Excellent cooking ,“ Su Shen ” My life is different . Hello everyone , I am a @ Ink is still fresh , Asian men's sprint “ The first person ” Refresh the record again , attract worldwide attention , Recently, his wife baked delicious food in daily life , Netizens have expressed envy .

The Tokyo Olympic Games because of special circumstances , It was postponed until this year , It is said that “ A thousand days of military training , the use of the military force is only occasional/temporary ”, Four years of hard training , How many tears and sweat have been shed , Isn't it for this day ? Just to win glory for the country on the stage of the world , Prove your efforts and courage , So the athletes who can compete are worthy of respect .

Since it's a game , There must be wins and losses and ranking , In the Tokyo Olympic Games, China made 38 gold 、32 silver 、18 copper , total 88 A medal of excellence , Participating in the competition is far from mobilizing to hand in a satisfactory answer to the motherland , People are also proud of them , It also makes the Chinese remember these heroes who win glory for the country , Su Bingtian is one of them .

Su Bingtian was in the men's 100m semi-final of the Olympic Games , Set a new record , Created 9 second 83 The achievement of , Break the self-confidence 1896 Hold the modern Olympic Games in 125 Over the years , There is no ancient record of yellow skinned race in the sprint final , Became the first Asian athlete to reach the sprint final , Therefore, it is called “ Su Shen ”, Finally, in the finals , With 9 second 98 Won the sixth place in the 100 meter final of the men's Olympic Games , Although I didn't win a medal , But the results are more meaningful than medals , You know, the world 70 More than 100 million people , 100 meter time 10 There are only more than a hundred people in a second , among 90% For the West African race , Basically monopolized by blacks , And Su Bingtian broke the record , His 9 second 83 It has also become the highest new record in Asia , It is well deserved Asia “ Flying man ”.

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