I really love you Chen jiaorui and Li Meie finally exchanged fire. The two women pinched up. Who would win?

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really love chen jiaorui li

If , A good woman and a bad woman get along , Bad women will try to pit good women ; If , A bad woman gets along with another bad woman , What kind of situation would it be ?

The hit TV series 《 I really love you 》 in , Bad woman Chen jiaorui and another bad woman Li Meie , There is an intersection !

Chen jiaorui is busy at work , So she gave her daughter Tongtong to her mother to take , But her mother wants to take care of her beauty salons , Need a baby sitter .

therefore , Li Meie, who was laid off from the confinement center, became the nanny of Chen jiaorui's family .

There's a lot to see now, isn't it ?

Two women who are not fuel-efficient lamps get along , Can you wipe the fire ?

Sure !

Sure enough , Chen jiaorui looked at Li Meie , Listen to Li mei'e say two more words , She immediately showed that she didn't like Li Meie !

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