"Please give me more advice for the rest of your life" has finally been put on file. Before it, "song with the king" is more likely to become a hit

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advice rest life finally file.

I've been sneaking away fans for a long time , Can't set a filing date 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》, Finally announced that it will be on 9 month 8 Japan Tencent video and Hunan Satellite TV broadcast simultaneously . It has been more than a year since the play was finished , It's not like other film and television dramas , It's sold only after shooting , It was clearly before shooting , The broadcasting platform has been finalized , But I can't announce the filing date , Being laughed at by netizens is “ Which zha ” works .

And the reason why the play has attracted so much attention , It's because this is the powerful combination of top stream Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi . Two people for this work , Also started marketing early , There is integration and interaction in various activities , The front is very long , But there was no fire . therefore , It makes many fans and netizens itch .90 The back line of flowers is Yangzi , Her products have always been of high quality , therefore , Let this play also be valued, and it has the potential to be popular . For Xiao Zhan , Come out of the popular double male main play , Popularity , No one can reach , He and his fans are trying to prove , He has the ability to bg It's also fun in the play . No matter from which angle , The show , They all have the potential to be popular .

however , I'm afraid of this wave of poisonous milk , Instead, let 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》, Failed to become a hot money . and , stay 9 month 8 Number , Before the play was broadcast , Hunan Satellite TV will also broadcast one 《 Song with Jun 》. The play is starred by Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi , About the young emperor Qi Yan ( Cheng Yi Decoration ) enormously proud of one's success , In the dangerous imperial city and purple Bureau “ The first female bodyguard ” Cheng Ruoyu ( Zhang Yuxi ) Fight hand in hand , Guard the justice in your heart , Finally, the story of transformation, growth and harvest of true love .

On the same day, the two plays were announced and put on file , One before another and one after another , It is obvious that 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 A little more attention , But actually, analyze it carefully ,《 Song with Jun 》 It seems to be more popular .

The first thing about the show is that it has a burst of money , It's just that this is a dog blood costume play . The hero and heroine are set as Black Lotus emperor and loyal dog eunuch , Like this mindless costume drama , It has always been the trump card of Hunan Satellite TV , Will cooperate with the hype , Will cooperate with marketing , When the , In and out of the play , It is bound to push the topic of the play to a small climax .

Like so far this year , The most watched play of Hunan Satellite TV is one that almost no one has heard of , Douban score is also very low , There is no water spray on the Internet 《 The wind blows up the rainbow clothes 》. Like this, it seems illogical , Everyone is serving the male and female protagonists in love , And all kinds of wonderful tag Ancient costume drama , I don't know why , Always attract a specific audience , Make them crazy , It also allows Hunan Satellite TV to give full play .

The characters of the play , The hero is a black lotus Emperor , The heroine is the loyal dog minister . At first sight , I think the plot of many places , It should be hard concave , But that's exactly the way it doesn't make sense , More often than not .

The second point of the pop look , It's the male and female protagonists Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi , Has accumulated a considerable part of popularity . One breath away from the Big Bang , It's usually the easiest time for them to explode .

Cheng Yi relies on Xianxia drama 《 Glass 》 Counter attack the upper position , Became huanrui following Li Yifeng 、 After Ren Jialun, another key launch of good seedlings . The next good resource , It's also pouring in .《 Glass 》 From an ordinary online play , To the second round and the third round , Enough to prove the excellence of the play . Cheng Yi also relies on this play , Accumulated a lot of popularity , Now we are waiting for the improvement of the national degree .

Empathy , Zhang Yuxi has been making a fuss , There are some amazing appearances in various online dramas , Some supporting roles in the star play . She has nothing but “ Wang Sicong's ex girlfriend ” This tag , Also slowly began to become a formal actor . The reputation of passers-by and the evaluation of fans are pretty good , Like Cheng Yi , What we are waiting for is a national work .

Both actors are in place , Not super red , It's not easy to roll over , With a certain degree of influence , They almost pushed them to the top .

Last I feel that the play can become a hit , Because it's just over 7 This month is the whole special protection month , Another card to the Olympic Games will be 8 month 8 The end of the day . During this period of time, the audience immersed in watching the game , I'm still switching over on the TV channel , When you switch over , I stumbled upon this ancient costume drama I hadn't seen for a long time , Maybe I just want to change my appetite , Try to see . thus , Let the play get a good opportunity to express .

More analysis , It's a mule. It's a horse , Finally, I have to pull it out for a walk , To see the true chapter .

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