Hundreds of billions of film pay but no donation. Last time, Zheng Shuang borrowed Wu Yifan to wash white. This time, Zheng Shuang borrowed Ali to wash white?

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hundreds billions film pay donation.

On a social media platform , A certified “ Alibaba employees ” Of the netizens posted that :

A leader asked employees to accompany customers , And committed a series of illegal acts , The injured employee reported to the company to no avail , Once sent leaflets in the canteen for help .

This matter is coming out. , Draw wide attention to , Ali also responded to the incident :

Shocked, angry , We must reflect on .

The incident also revealed , Not at all, once or twice , A number of women have been affected by this phenomenon while working in Alibaba group “ The enterprise culture ” Persecution of .

Netizens have condemned this kind of behavior , Among these people , There's our old face again ―― Ms. Zheng Shuang .

Within hours of the incident , Zheng Shuang microblog office sent a long article , The long article wrote

“ Is this kind of thing less in other companies ?”

“ How can women's rights and interests be protected and respected ?”

Every word sincerely , It quickly aroused heated debate .

This is not the first time Zheng Shuang has spoken on current affairs .

After she was blocked , Whenever there is a disturbance in the entertainment circle ,“ Enthusiastic citizens ” Zheng Shuang will post a comment .

Like after the Wu Yifan incident , Zheng shuangfa said in a long article :

Good public relations , Don't all mistakes exist ?

And after the Wu Yifan incident , I brought up my surrogacy and abandonment again , He also said he lived frugally in the United States and relied on his friends to help , Give your children expensive fruit .

Unfortunately, it's hard to sell Marketing , Didn't make the public forgive her .

The flood in Henan , She also actively gives advice , Send several notices and escape guidelines about the disaster situation in succession .

But netizens don't seem to buy it , Comment on the following one after another : Zheng Shuang tweets so vigorously , Did you donate ?

Zheng Shuang responded that :

No, , This time is different from the past .

In fact, netizens don't mean to ask her to donate , It's just that her words are really uncomfortable .

And it can be seen from the last Wu Yifan incident , Zheng Shuang still wants to return to the entertainment industry , Continue to be an actor .

But her white washing routine , It is well known that .

Zheng Shuang has been emphasizing , I am in a foreign country and have no money to live on ,

But she once paid hundreds of millions of films in more than 100 days , Is it really as poor as she said ?

I believe everyone has a decision in mind , I still hope Zheng Shuang can do more practical things , It's better to send less white washing notices .

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