Xianjian 400 million yuan change of ownership

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xianjian million yuan change ownership

8 month 5 Japan , China Mobile Travel Technology Group Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as the mobile game ) And Daewoo Information Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as Daewoo ) announce , China Mobile Games will be priced at the total price 6.4184 Million Hong Kong dollars ( renminbi 5.34 One hundred million yuan ),

Acquisition 《 Fairy sword legend 》IP All rights and interests in Chinese mainland , And Daewoo's soft star technology ( Beijing ) Co., LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as soft star ) The rest of 49% shares .

This acquisition , Medium hand tour in RMB 3.76 One hundred million yuan ( about 4.52 Million Hong Kong dollars ) Price acquisition of Daewoo this year 1 A subsidiary registered in January , The latter holds 《 Fairy sword legend 》IP( Hereinafter referred to as Xianjian ) Intellectual property rights in Chinese mainland .

2018 year 4 month 25 Japan , Medium hand tour in RMB 2.13 Take a stake in soft star at the price of 100 million yuan , holding 51%, The company completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Softstar . Daewoo reaped an income equivalent to half of its market value .

Some works of soft star

Softstar and its wholly-owned subsidiary Softstar Technology ( Shanghai ) Co., LTD. , hold 《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 3 》《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4 》《 MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition 10》《 Legend of swordsmen and swordsmen 》《 Xuanyuan sword 6》《 tom , dick and harry 2》《 Xuanyuan sword 3 It is said that the trace of heaven 》《 Han Dynasty and Rome 》《 Magic Glass Mirror 》《 Angel Empire 4 Mobile terminal 》《 The mark of heaven Online》《 Xuanyuanjian mobile game 》 And dozens of games .

Soft star Beijing and Shanghai teams are respectively composed of well-known gamers “ Father of Xianjian ” Led by Yao Zhuangxian and Zhang Xiaoquan ,2020 In, Softstar Shenzhen company was established .

Dayu has been working for Xianjian for a long time IP Mainland copyright and soft star assets looking for buyers , The price previously quoted was no less than NT $1 22 One hundred million yuan ( About the yuan 5.05 One hundred million yuan ), Daewoo's board of directors hopes that under the severe challenges of the market and the unknown changes of the epidemic situation , Looking for the most suitable object as a strategic partner .

They asked for , Bilateral cooperation must be based on good mutual trust , In addition, does the other party have sustainable operation IP The strength of is also one of the key points of evaluation , In the future, we will build a Chinese game brand with the world's top influence .

The Legend of Sword and Fairy 26 year : wait for “ Activate the collaterals ” The classic

Xianjian's first game was released in 1995 year , Already existed 26 year . Whatever the plot 、 Picture or music ,《 Fairy sword legend 1》《 Fairy sword legend 3》《 Fairy sword legend 4》 All belong to the top works in domestic stand-alone games at that time , It is a classic recognized by Chinese players .

Xianjian Qixia series games ,《 Legend of swordsmen and swordsmen 》 Will be in 2021 year 10 month 15 Official listing

A TV play adapted and produced by Tang people's film and television 《 Legend of the swordsman 》 and 《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 3 》, Moved thousands of viewers , Also brought red Hu Ge 、 peng 、 Yang Mi 、 Liu Shishi 、 Tang Yan and other stars .

The Legend of Sword and Fairy IP Adapted film and television plays

however , stay 《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4 》 after , The Legend of Sword and Fairy IP The orthodox series has fallen into a bottleneck ,《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 》《 Five prequels of the legend of the immortal sword 》 and 《 Legend of swordsmen six 》 None of them reached one 、 3、 ... and 、 IV. popularity .

Zhang Xiaoquan led the production after returning to soft star 《 Magic Glass Mirror 》 and 《 Nine wild Swordsmen 》, Innovation , But also because of the Japanese style secondary painting style has been criticized .

from 2014 Year begins , Daewoo general immortal sword IP Authorized several companies to develop mobile games , Because these products are piled up, the card drawing routine and skin changing play method are adopted , Some are considered in “ harvest ” Player feelings .

The Legend of Sword and Fairy IP Some mobile game products

For example, the fairy sword currently in operation IP Mobile games have Tencent 《 Fairy sword legend Online》、 tencent 《 Fairy sword legend Official tour 》、 Kunlun games 《 Xianjian Qixia mobile version 》、 Have a good swim 《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 》、 Middle hand 《 Nine wild Swordsmen 》、《 Fairy sword legend 3D round ― Shushan on sword 》, At apple, App Store On the best selling list of games in China , Ranking more in 500 name , Tencent performed best 《 Fairy sword legend Online》 Of 379 name .

The Legend of Sword and Fairy IP Mobile game products , Before the game's sub list 100 It's a little difficult

Over the years , There are many changes in Daewoo's management , Slowly fall behind in the tide of online games , Although one of the business focuses is “ Activate the collaterals ”IP, But yes 《 Fairy sword legend 》《 Xuanyuan sword 》《 MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition 》《 Star volunteer 》《 tom , dick and harry 》《 Angel Empire 》《 Private Shushan School Park 》 These seven IP There are shortcomings in the development investment .

“ Father of Xianjian ” Although he served as deputy general manager in Daewoo , But the shareholding is insufficient 1%, Once it was only one thousandth .

III. entertainment discovery , The Legend of Sword and Fairy IP The ups and downs of , It is also reflected in the performance of Daewoo .

With the development of Tencent game cube studio 《 Fairy sword legend Official tour 》 stay 2014 year 11 month 20 Day online , Soft star and Daewoo 2015 Annual revenues have soared , Growth compared with the previous year 127% and 163%.

2019-2020 year , The income of Daewoo and Softstar gradually returned to the night before the outbreak of mobile games 2013 Annual level .2021 First quarter , Daewoo from profit to loss .

Now , With the entry of middle hand tour , Stand-alone version 《 Legend of swordsmen and swordsmen 》 Soon to go online ,《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4 》 And 《 Five prequels of the legend of the immortal sword 》 TV series will be shot , The Legend of Sword and Fairy IP Derivative products such as model play will also be launched (2020 Fairy sword of hand tour in the middle of the year IP Sales of peripheral products exceed RMB 500 Ten thousand yuan ).

Fairy sword is a repetition of old memories , Or start a new story ? We don't know , But at least we can expect , It depends on performance IP In the hands of the new owner of the adapted mobile game , The situation will be better than now .

2020 year , Middle hand swimming IP Game revenue RMB 38.2 One hundred million yuan , Which are owned or authorized by IP The adapted mobile game revenue is 22.16 One hundred million yuan .

2020 year , Online mobile game 《 New archery legend of the heroes of iron and blood heart 》《 private tutor 》《 Xuanyuan sword : The source of sword 》 etc. 38 New game .

2021 year , Jointly produced by middle hand game and byte beat 《 Sailing King's Blood Route 》, Zhenhun Street will be launched this year 、 Strong-arm reaction 、 Doulo land 、 Devour the stars 、 Biography of Cao Cao in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, etc IP Adapted mobile game .

Middle hand IP Game revenue

4 month 29 Japan , China Mobile Game announced B Standing will be 6.534 Subscription of its shares at a price of HK $100 million ( per share 3.3 The Hong Kong dollar , subscription 1.98 Million shares , At the close of today, the price per share of China Mobile Game 3.89 The Hong Kong dollar ).

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