Chen kunsun secretly took pictures of his son! The ruffian is handsome with ear nails on his head, and the tattoo on his arm is suspected to expose his Tibetan name

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chen kunsun secretly took pictures

In recent days, , Chen Kun posted a group of recent photos of his son Chen Zunyou on the social platform , He also wrote that his son had his hair cut short , I was secretly photographed .

In the photo , Chen Zunyou has a new haircut , It's much shorter than the previous three or seven point hairstyle , The whole person's energy and spirit have also been greatly improved . Chen Zunyou inherited his father's facial advantage well , The facial features are strong and clear , The jaw line is smooth , After cutting your hair short , Increasingly highlight the three-dimensional features , Sunny and handsome .

In another picture , Chen Zunyou holds his cheek in one hand , The other hand brushes the phone , Look very focused , I didn't find that I had been secretly photographed by my father . And a string of tattoos on Chen Zunyou's arm are also very conspicuous , Some netizens found that the tattoo is Tibetan “ Yu Jie ”, Only the parties concerned know the meaning best .

Previously, Chen Kun also took the initiative to take a group photo with his son on the social platform , In the photo, Chen Kun is wearing a capable inch head and a bead string on his wrist , Son Chen Zunyou has a hairstyle of three or seven points , Casually leaning against the wall , Both father and son looked at the camera and smiled , Ruffian and handsome .

As a public official , Chen Kun always wanted to protect his son , I don't want him to be too exposed to the public . But under the excavation of the media , The son was still forced to expose . Since then, Chen Kun has no longer hidden , It's a generous way to expose your daily life with your son on the social platform .

Though for so many years , Netizens have always been curious about who Chen Zunyou's biological mother is , But Chen Kun has never given a clear answer . In an interview program, Chen Kun also said that he told his son that he had no mother , 1 middle school .

Although I lack my mother's love from childhood , But this does not mean that Chen Zunyou is not happy . As a father, Chen Kun carefully took care of his son's growth , Everyone can feel the love for Chen Zunyou , Although Chen Kun always said that he was not qualified as a father .

Chen Zunyou did not hesitate to express his love for his father , Every father's day, he would send his blessing to Chen Kun , As a child, Chen Zunyou even wrote a poem for Chen Kun , I received a poem written by my son for myself , Chen Kun is naturally very happy , Even more, he posted this poem on the social platform , Share your son's thoughts .

In daily life , Chen Kun also respects his son's ideas , They get along more like friends .

After graduating from high school, Chen Zunyou wants to study abroad for further study , At that time, Chen Kun was also worried about foreign security , But in the end, I support my son's choice , He also hopes that his son can face difficulties independently , Learn to grow up , And looking forward to the next meeting with my son .

There may never be an answer about who Chen Zunyou's biological mother is , But maybe it doesn't matter , The important thing is to be a father , He succeeded in pulling his son up , He didn't let his son be affected by the lack of maternal love , It's not easy in itself . No matter how suspicious the outside world is , My own life , Just be happy and happy .

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