The exquisite clothing, the "bloodbath" between mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, and the fire of spring in Jade House have reason

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exquisite clothing bloodbath mother-in-law mother

When modern female dramas get together , From time to time, the strong support of the flag of Independence , Friendship and entanglement , Or fight an emotional third party , It's tiring .

actually , If the same kind of stories are played together , The best actor can't make the audience feel new , On the contrary, I am tired of the theme of attracting traffic that has always held high the banner of women's independence .

At present, a group of modern urban female dramas have broken through the Siege , It's the latest national style drama 《 Yulouchun 》.

Yulouchun , This is the brand name , It flourished in the Tang Dynasty , In Song Dynasty . And this one was written by mom 《 Yulouchun 》, It covers the names of the protagonists and heroines ― Sun Yulou , Lin Shaochun , It also foreshadows the overall national style .

The first half of the play , Introduce Lin Shaochun ( White Deer decoration ) Family background , Although it is the daughter of a rich family , But he died because his father was wronged , Come down .

By the mammy in the house , Substitute your own daughter for , Save Lin Shaochun , Since then, I have embarked on the road of pleading for my father .

But in ancient times , How can a woman meet the Emperor , Plead for your father ? Lin Shaochun thought of going to Beijing for scientific research .

therefore , Lin Shaochun should not only set up a stage in the troupe , Learn to support yourself , One side still needs to learn , To usher in the day of the exam .

It's just , This should have been the hostess “ Develop your career ” When , But I met sun Yulou , In an accidental event , Sun Yulou - The four sons of the first and second ministers of the inner court fell in love with him at first sight .

Lin Shaochun's heart beat several times , But others remind me of my task , And I and sun Yulou have gone through many tests , Finally understand your mind .

in the meantime , Sun Yulou for Lin Shaochun's request , Lift yourself , And when he was an official, he helped Lin Shaochun find out his father's injustice , Also the innocence of Lin Yuandao .

When you think it's over , The following story tells you , Some problems exist through the ages , And it's harder than finding out the wrong case .

This one , It's the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ( Or elder relationship );

The second is , It's the sister-in-law relationship ;

Count the relationship diagram of the Lin family , The eldest lady is shrewd , But like an old mother, she has to intervene in her son's marriage ; The great master values fame and family background ;

And between sister-in-law , Granny Wu came from , He is out of tune with the gentle young master ;

The second young master has been fighting outside all year round , Leave the second grandmother alone in the empty room all year round ;

Third grandma is the most shrewd , Quite a bit of Wang Xifeng's feeling , In order to maintain their family status , Don't hesitate to use some means , But he tried to find a way for his disappointing husband .

Although Lin Shaochun and sun Yulou fall in love , But that era , How can you marry without your parents' orders , This is disobedience ?

Fortunately , Lin Shaochun's family background is naturally not as good as sun's house , Even if you were humiliated in every way at the beginning , But also be able to return it confidently , Don't let people step under your feet in adversity .

When sun Yulou was kidnapped , It's breaking into the tiger's den alone , Put on a beautiful hero .

And the eldest lady , At this time, I finally found my “ Prospective daughter-in-law ” It's really good , Firm opposition from the beginning , Go back and get angry with the master , In order to let Sun Yulou marry Lin Shaochun .

And the “ Old father ”, He was also shocked by Lin Shaochun's speech and behavior , Agreed to the marriage , And on the wedding day , With Lin Shaochun , Found out who was behind the murder of himself , Such a good daughter-in-law , Make the master smile .

Conquered my parents , Naturally, I have to conquer my sister-in-law , In the usual , Just count three, grandma ( Golden morning ornaments ) I hate Lin Shaochun most .

Again and again from the hindrance , But they were defused by Lin Shaochun , And the third grandmother's bad , But it's just to keep your master's position , Lin Shaochun can see , He also used a move to tear up the physical evidence and reconcile with his third grandmother .

After conquering the third grandmother , Lin Shaochun's home position is becoming more and more prominent , But this moment , Grandma meets green tea Junior , And the second grandmother has cheated in pursuit of freedom , How should Lin Shaochun deal with , The next plot will be broadcast one by one .

And the whole play , What makes people feel most comfortable is Fu Huadao and background .

In order to be more in line with the national style , Clothes are carefully selected , And the actress in order to be able to cooperate with Liu Yemei , It is said that they shave their eyebrows first , On the painting .

The layout of the scene also takes into account the reality , Sun Yulou's imperial examinations as like as two peas of Confucius temple in Nanjing , More appropriate . When sun Yulou first saw Lin Shaochun, he was surprised and left , Whether it's the scenery or the scene , Everything is very beautiful , There is quite a way 《 A dream of red mansions 》 The feeling of .

Rather than 《 Yulouchun 》 It's a low configuration version 《 Emotional monk record 》, Rather, it is idealized 《 Jin Yu Yuan 》.

Yu Zheng with optimism and entertainment spirit , by 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Rewrite a version of the ending , It is also a happy ending that many people want to see in modern times .

The depth of thought is naturally incomparable with Cao Gong , After all, in different times , The background and the writer's own ideological starting point are also inconsistent , But for the theory of opening and closing , Maybe wealth III is peaceful , Can be more satisfied with the mentality of ordinary people .

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