Madonna's 24-year-old daughter first appeared on the cover of vogue magazine, claiming that she is not just a "rich second generation"

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madonna 24-year-old year old daughter

According to foreign media 8 month 7 Reported Wednesday ,《Vogue》 The magazine 9 The cover character of the monthly magazine recently appeared , It is worth mentioning that ,62 Pop diva Madonna's 24 Year old model daughter Rhodes ・ Leon was on the cover of the magazine for the first time . With Lyon, the famous American supermodel Bella ・ Hadid and Kaya ・ Gober et al .

however , As the daughter of the famous Madonna , People always think that Lyon's achievements are due to her mother , To put it bluntly , She is a woman shrouded in her mother's fame “ Rich second generation ” nothing more . in fact , Leon was early 13 Became a European fashion magazine at the age of 《Quality》 The cover character of the July issue , Same year , Madonna and her daughter jointly launched a clothing brand “ Material girl ”.

Children of celebrities , Get out of your parents' fame , Take your own path , It's always exciting . For Lyon , This is what she has been trying to achieve since she was a child , And be able to communicate with Bella ・ Hadid and Kaya ・ Gerber boarded this year's 《Vogue》 The September cover of the magazine is the perfect way to commemorate all the wonderful performances of Lyon this year .

however , Leon wants everyone to recognize her talent . the 24 The - year-old model is accepting 《Vogue》 "The magazine said in an interview ,“ People think I'm a rich boy with nothing , But I'm not .” in fact , Lyon has made great progress , Separated from her superstar mother .

Leon told 《Vogue》 The magazine , She paid for her college tuition , And decided to live in Bushwick in Brooklyn , So she can “ Lost in the creative community there, mastering multiple languages ”. Leon wants to make it clear that her success is not due to her mother , Although this is understandable , But after all, her mother is too famous , She can't live without her mother's shadow .

Whether in art or fashion , Leon was really influenced by Madonna from an early age , But now she can stand her ground , And constantly show her abilities . If her art and fashion itself can't explain the problem , Leon would be happy to clarify for himself . therefore , People have a feeling , This is Leon boarding 《Vogue》 Just the beginning of the cover series , People can't wait to see what she will do next , And better prove yourself “ Not just the rich second generation ”.

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