Why can Carina Lau tolerate Tony Leung for 33 years?

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carina lau tolerate tony leung

I haven't seen such an interesting hot search for a long time !

Some netizens picked out Tony Leung and Carina Lau The old picture of the same stage .

Carina Lau waved confidently , Stride forward , Emanating “ My sister is the queen ” Strong aura .

And Tony Leung held Carina Lau's hand tightly , Shyly walking behind .

He looks like a child pulled out by his mother to force business , Give a stiff wave to the audience , Just pull Carina Lau back , Contributed a lot of laughter .

Hot search entries # Tony Leung, Carina Lau Society is afraid to meet social experts #, Perfectly summed up their characters .

One is cheerful “ Big sister ”, Passionate and unrestrained , Not to stick to one pattern .

One is introverted and less talkative “ Prince of melancholy ”, He has a dull personality , Implicit and low-key .

Mismatched , It's what most people think of them .

Think of years ago , On the red carpet in Cannes , Tony Leung is holding Carina Lau in his right hand , Her left hand is clasped with Maggie Cheung's fingers .

Whether it's fame 、 Appearance or character , Everyone said he was a better match for the cool and graceful Maggie Cheung .

But finally with the male god for life , Why is Carina Lau full of fireworks ?

When the breeze passing through the mountains and water

Meet earthly fireworks

Married for more than ten years , Tony Leung and Carina Lau never had children .

Carina Lau said that this was a decision made jointly with Tony Leung , Because raising children ,“ It's too much responsibility ”.

Unwilling to be a father , It is also related to Tony Leung's childhood experience .

Tony Leung once said :“ I was very naughty when I was a child , Then my father left me and my mother without saying a word , I began to stop talking .”

Father is addicted to gambling , Abandoned the young Liang Chaowei , It also makes him have to shoulder the burden of supporting his family early , Burdened with livelihood , Hurt by rumors .

Even after becoming famous , Tony Leung is still silent and melancholy , Sensitive inferiority .

by comparison , Although Carina Lau's family is not rich , Her father subsidized the family by selling sacks , But the family atmosphere is harmonious , She sees her family as her own “ Spiritual pillar ”.

The love and support given to Carina Lau by her parents , Also let her have a magnanimous forward 、 Not afraid of being hurt .

Two people with completely different personalities , Everyday painting style is out of place .

Carina Lau is careless 、 be rash and too much in haste , Love the lively and festive peach blossoms , My hobby is to call Faye Wong and others to play mahjong .

Tony Leung is introverted and sensitive 、 Dull and quiet , I like listening to rock and roll in my room alone , The pastime is to fly to London alone , Feed pigeons quietly in the square .

Their career development , It's not even .

1984 year , Tony Leung and Carina Lau are due to 《 The deer and the cauldron 》 For the first time .

Tony Leung plays the protagonist Trinket , Carina Lau plays Fang Yi, who doesn't play much , Even the least prominent of Trinket's seven wives .

When Tony Leung won the Golden Horse Film Emperor , Carina Lau is still not famous , In Guan Zhilin 、 Joey wong 、 When Maggie Cheung and others dominate the screen , She is what people call “ Middle class beauty ”.

The most dramatic scene , It happened at the golden statue award promulgation ceremony .

At that time, Liang Chaowei 、 Carina Lau was both nominated .

Carina Lau attaches great importance to , After announcing the results , Liang Chaowei really won the prize , Who can win the best actress trophy , It's Maggie Cheung .

Carina Lau knows that their resources are thousands of miles apart , She had no choice but to make complaints about it. :

“ Please his script is always piled in front of him , Never finish . And I've been looking for a script .”

But why are they so mismatched in all aspects , Finally, they decided that each other , Choose to get married together ?

Her sister remembers a detail : Once Carina Lau went home , I saw Liang Chaowei mopping the floor and crying .

Carina Lau called Wong Kar Wai , Only then did I know that Tony Leung was because “ scene NG Dozens of times ” Feel wronged .

Calm and atmospheric Carina Lau , Like a big sister, comfort Liang Chaowei : This is the director who wants you to improve , Write it off .

Liang Chaowei calmed down .

The trivia of their married life , And leave it all to Carina Lau .

Water, electricity and other living details , Tony Leung has never had to worry about , Even house decoration , Tony Leung just needs to check in with his bag .

Carina Lau used her own fireworks , It has fulfilled Liang Chaowei's ungrounded spirit .

No wonder Tony Leung would say :

“ Whenever I get stuck in a play , When you can't extricate yourself from depression , Will think of Carina Lau .

All emotions will heal at the moment of seeing her .

Many women are overpowering drugs , But she's my antidote .

Love is heart , Love is peace of mind

Zhang Guorong once commented on :“ Tony Leung has a strange personality , Is a very difficult person to contact .”

But for Carina Lau , Tony Leung can also be romantic and warm .

One year Carina Lau's birthday , Tony Leung is filming in Korea , He recorded a video to celebrate his wife's birthday .

At four o'clock in the morning, the crew closed , He hurried back home by plane , The surprise appeared at Carina Lau's birthday party .

For two hours , He hurried back to filming .

Carina Lau described Tony Leung as “ The power of a mountain ”.

Many people may have heard of 90 The kidnapping that shocked the entertainment industry in .

Learned that Carina Lau was kidnapped by gangsters , Tony Leung immediately stopped filming , Crazy to find , His hands trembled so that he couldn't drive .

When Carina Lau appeared , She fell into a stupor . Liang Chaowei hugged her in a panic , Gentle comfort .

Carina Lau, who is forced to be calm , Then I lay down in Liang Chaowei's arms and cried quietly .

Carina Lau is a woman with a strong heart , She quickly adjusted her mood , Return to normal life , The show business is showing its edge .

However, , Hong Kong 《 East weekly 》 A cover of , Broke her quiet life .

original , This unscrupulous media , After kidnapping Carina Lau , Photographed by the kidnappers “ Nude photos ” Publicly released .

Carina Lau has lost her reputation 、 Emotional breakdown , Once wanted to commit suicide .

Leung Chiu Wai accompanied her patiently , Even willing to give up his beloved acting career , Leave the entertainment industry with her , He said to his lover :

“ This circle is so complicated , Let's leave , Where would you like to go? , I'll go with you wherever .”

Tony Leung joined forces with Andy Lau 、 Zhang Guorong and other stars , Boycott together 《 East weekly 》 Unethical behavior .

Final ,《 East weekly 》 Stop publication , Fast popularity .

Carina Lau, who bravely stood up and spoke , It is also encouraged and supported by the people .

It's over , There are still malicious media questioning Liang Chaowei :“ What is the future direction of your relationship ?”

Tony Leung said firmly :“ I will cherish my feelings with carina .”

Believe every girl , Will be moved by this warm sincerity and solid sincerity .

In the face of crisis , Tony Leung stands in front , Shelter Carina Lau from the wind and rain .

And Carina Lau , It also shields Liang Chaowei from worldly trivialities , Take care of his artist's alienated temperament .

Her sister agrees with a view : Good love , Both sides take turns playing “ adults ”、“ Parents ”、“ children ” Role .

They don't ask unilaterally , But support each other 、 Depend on each other .

Long lasting love , Most of them have such characteristics .

Comparative fitness

Maturity is the key factor that determines the long-term relationship

Many years later , Mention the dark past of being kidnapped , Carina Lau said angrily :“ Who hasn't got a three o'clock two .”

But I'm Carina Lau , Will only live better .”

Her sister has always admired Carina Lau , Whether it's her control of herself , Or the attitude towards marriage .

Even when there is a big gap between the two , Carina Lau is always mature and confident , No insecurity .

Even if the affair between Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung is all over the world , She also responded faintly :“ If he really likes Maggie Cheung , I'm happy too , He just decides .”

She never tied her life to others , Don't put all your chips in love , But to move forward by yourself .

sign a contract for a movie role 、 Go to the variety show 、 Academic investment , Carina Lau gradually showed her sharpness , Other people get divorced , But she is 45 I won the movie queen at the age of .

No one loses to a mismatched , What you lose is your humble heart .

Carina Lau's strong confidence in her feelings , It also makes Liang Chaowei who yearns for his own boundaries , Feel trusted and respected .

In an interview , Tony Leung once said :“ No matter how long we can't meet , No matter how much intimacy I have with others in the play , She trusts me and supports me .”

People with different personalities , Lifestyles are really different . But how can there be two people who fit perfectly in the world ? Friction contradiction , This is the eternal problem in gender relations .

variety 《 Women have words 》 in , Carina Lau and Yilin Xie 、 Discuss with Xi Mengyao “ How to maintain a good marriage ”.

Carina Lau said :“ A long marriage must be mutual patience , You think you're putting up with others , Maybe people are putting up with you , You think you can do it ”.

When it comes to control , Xi Mengyao said that she has a strong desire for control , Carina Lau's export is the golden sentence :“ The perfect control is not to control .”

I think of Carina Lau as Liang Chaowei's agent for the time being .

A reporter asked her :“ Will it simply take over for a long time ?”

Carina Lau quickly shook her head and said :“ Don't get so close , It's better to give yourself more space .”

In an intimate relationship , We tend to pursue intimacy , Tightly intertwined with each other like a vine , But forget , In a closer relationship , All need to give people breathing space .

In the daily trivial collision , Carina Lau did not try to change each other , But accept the gap between the two .

She knows that Tony Leung likes to be quiet , I don't like socializing , He left him at home , Have fun yourself :

“ Weizi is fine. He just wants to stay at home , I don't want to socialize . I sometimes go out to dinner , Work with friends , Or take a business trip , Leave him at home alone , He might feel more comfortable 、 More at home . If he sticks to me every day , I can't stand it . Like I go out , If he were , I want to see some handsome guys !”

Liang Chaowei, who is respected and recognized , It will also fulfill Carina Lau's hobbies .

He supported Carina Lau in filming , Accompany her to the ceremony .

An award ceremony , Carina Lau expressed her deep feelings :“ I want to thank Tony Leung , these years , He gave me complete freedom , Let me do what I want to do .”

Readers often leave messages backstage :“ Her sister , Mismatched / Love that is not valued by parents and friends , Should we stick to it ?”

Her sister doesn't know the details , It's hard to give advice , But let's reverse the reasoning , Mismatched love , How do you usually get to the end ?

Is the Party of inferiority , Because of uneasiness 、 No sense of security , Repeated suspicion 、 Test each other's love ;

Is the stubborn side , Try to change the characteristics of your lover , Try to make your lover your ideal ;

Is the naive side , Give up your growth , Attachment to others , Lose your battlefield .

Last , Her sister wants to say , Decide whether love is long , It's more than a perfect match , It's maturity .

Order one “ Looking at ”, May we all have more powerful and domineering Carina Lau , Have enough sense of security and strength , Live a good life , Manage two people's days happily .

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