Zhang Jiayi and Sha Yi can't save it. Love you is beautiful is too bloody

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zhang jiayi sha yi it.

stay 《 My love for you is beautiful 》 Before the broadcast , There are many famous film and television majors in China V They all spit blood and push , Well received , I didn't know until now , They are paid to work , Spitting blood forced me to spit out dog blood .

Even if Zhang Jiayi is assembled 、 Sha Yi 、 Song Dandan 、 Liu mintao is such an old drama bone , It can't save the dog blood of the play .

With the grand finale , The audience found out , The problem with domestic drama dog blood , When can it be changed .

Actually , The name of the play is a bit ominous , I don't believe you , There is another one in the same period 《 You look beautiful when you smile 》, It's just that I don't know the name , It often smells like marisu .

What is the 《 It's a big smile 》,《 Next stop happiness 》 And so on , They can exchange names without violating , Because you don't know what to say .

A happy family of three at the beginning , Dad, Wang Dashan runs a beef noodle restaurant , Mother Luo Qing runs a buyer's shop , The two shops are opposite , Love between husband and wife , There is one 23 My daughter Wang Xiaomi , Just graduated from college .

And then one day , Painting style mutation , It turned out that when Wang Xiaomi went to the bar to perform , Mom and dad went to see , Mother's face changed greatly , Like seeing a ghost , Take Wang Xiaomi away .

You must have guessed , It turned out that Wang Xiaomi was not born to Wang Dashan , Her biological father is the owner of the bar , Coliy .

Corey and Luo Qing had a one night stand when they were young , After having a baby , Luo Qing wants to marry Corey , I didn't expect Corey to be an unmarried , Luo Qing ran away in anger .

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