40 year old autumn wear demonstration, master several matching skills, and easily create an elegant ol style

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year old autumn wear demonstration

There are several 40 Working friends in their twenties , Although they are no longer young , But I still feel very young and fashionable , Both elegant and intellectual , Also sweet and gentle , Always leave a good impression on others OL image .

40 After the age of , Our clothes should be changed a little , Especially office workers , Don't be too old-fashioned , Also avoid the suspicion of being tender , So how can we match it to reduce the age and look good , And show temperament ?

Today, I'd like to share some practical autumn Dressing Tips , Help you easily handle your workplace clothes , Create elegant OL image .tips1: Wear long, not short

middle-aged , Our clothes must be restrained in the body first , When choosing a skirt or dress in autumn , It is recommended to choose the long style , The length is below the knee , Or ankle , This length is elegant and calm , And hide the meat and look thin . Too short skirt , It's hard to control , And it feels frivolous , Not suitable for middle-aged women , And it'll look cheap .

Navy shirt with white umbrella skirt , The skirt that grows to the ankle looks more dignified and steady , Match it with a clean and simple shirt , It gives people a feeling of elegance and atmosphere . Goose yellow knit cardigan with white Hepburn skirt , Retro French style , The colors are also fresh and beautiful , The effect of age reduction is very good .tips2: Elegant and a little relaxed

For middle-aged women , What we pursue is not fashion , It's temperament , Don't push too hard , It's best to have a little relaxed in an elegant style , It makes people feel casual 、 quiet 、 gentle , This is more in line with the temperament of our age .

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