Chinese restaurant: it's not necessary to get up early. Gong Jun's laughter is good

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Since Gong Jun came on stage ,《 Chinese Restaurant 》 My happiness doubled in an instant .

Where there is Gong Jun, it is full of laughter , As expected, it is the strongest internal entertainment “ Happy workers ”, It's not the wave that gets its name . And Gong Jun is also good at cooking , Saved everyone's cooking .

however , Happy business, such as junzi, also has its own little troubles , That is, he doesn't seem to like getting up early .

When several people discuss business matters together , I heard quiet say it's unreliable at noon in the morning , Gong Jun also wondered what to do about the business at noon , At this time, I thought Junko was very diligent .

But when he confirmed that it was closed at noon , Don't get up early , Only after the fact that it is open at night , The whole person was released in an instant , Take a long breath and start laughing . It seems that he doesn't want to get up early , Magic laughter makes people go up , Even infected by his joy .

While saying that he secretly rejoiced , While trying to cover his face with an apron , Such a response is really cute . It's just that the joy is too obvious , It can't be described as secret joy at all !

The wording should be rigorous .

I don't know if I was infected by Gong Jun , Other guests in this issue also had some laughs .

Brother Xiaoming and lobster also staged a big play of falling in love and killing each other , While apologizing , While pulling the shrimp line , Also advised two lobsters not to fight , True, full of childlike innocence .

Ding Zhen was also pleasantly surprised .

Originally, he was also listed as the group who did not know how to cook , But in this issue, it shows extraordinary strength , The spoon lifting posture is still very professional . The chef is guiding , My eyes are full of satisfaction , It's really good .

In the second phase ,《 Chinese Restaurant 》 And it looks better , I hope this season can stabilize . But Gong Jun is a flying guest , Maybe not in the next few issues , It's a pity .

Are you chasing this variety show ?

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