Li Qin lost the game but won the pattern. She is really suitable for extreme challenge

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li qin lost game won

Li Qin's development in the past two years is quite good .

In particular 《 Celebrate more than 》 After the fire , Li Qin welcomed a lot of good resources .

Whether it's 《 Running man 》 still 《 A pick 》, Can see her figure .

I believe you still remember that Li Qin and Sun Yue attended 《 Challenge the limit 》 Let's talk about the show !

You know, since the resident guests changed their blood , The heat is always tepid .

For the audience , There is always a feeling of scratching the surface , It's not fun to see , It's a pity to abandon the tasteless food .

however , Because of Li Qin and Sun Yue , Unexpectedly, the audience sent two words to that program —— Fiefdom .

Li Qin is not only beautiful , But lovely love , And I have a very high IQ .

Now? 《 Challenge the limit 》 Although the overall IQ of the Chinese guests is not as good as that of the previous men .

But Dunlan is still very smart .

Every program as long as Dunlan wants to have fun , Then he can do one dozen six .

But it's such a clever Dunlan , At that time, the program was played around by Li Qin , It can be seen how smart Li Qin is .

Yes, Li Qin is here 《 Challenge the limit 》 After your performance , I believe many viewers want to see her again soon !

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