Jackie Chan and Feng Xiaogang are also in trouble? Song Zude called for rectification of the entertainment industry, and he Jiong was brought up again

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jackie chan feng xiaogang trouble

The right and wrong of the entertainment industry , It has been talked about for many years , Wu Yifan has become a new visitor above right and wrong , Uncover more stories behind the scenes . And after Wu Yifan , It is the rebirth of chaos , Stars roll over one after another , Or it's a lawyer's letter , Or become a new topic of public opinion , Be criticized .

But I'm sure , Wu Yifan's event is by no means an accident in the entertainment circle , After all, the chaos in the entertainment industry is obvious to all . So after the Wu Yifan incident , Famous big V Song Zude openly crusaded against The star who supported Wu Yifan , I hope they will be punished , At the same time, it also points out several major problems in the entertainment industry , It is imperative to renovate the entertainment industry !

So behind this , Whether there are other problems ?

The magnificent Wu Yifan incident

This July , A name is “ Du Meizhu ” Women openly denounce Wu Yifan on the Internet , Wu Yifan claimed that he had drunk himself when he was only 17 and committed a crime , During this period, Du Meizhu's mobile phone was confiscated , He also found his cousin and looked at Du Meizhu to prevent her from running away .

It's even scarier , According to the explosion of Du Meizhu , She's not the only victim , There are many victims like her , and Dumeizhu has contacted some of the victims , Some of them have retained evidence .

As soon as this article was published, it quickly caused a sensation all over the network , Wu Yifan was once popular in Asia “EXO” One of the members of , Undoubtedly has a great fan base , This Chinese “ Top current ” Rush to the hot search . Wu yifanfang also used the traditional entertainment industry to search 、 Control rating is a means to guide public opinion , Unfortunately, the harvest is quite small .

Wu Yifan's statement and lawyer's letter have become a laughing stock , With the disclosure of dumei Zhufang, no one is willing to believe Wu Yifan , Public opinion is inverted . Wu Yifan's co endorsements have also terminated their contracts .

In fact, this matter had been predicted before .2016 year , Net red small G Na revealed that Wu Yifan played with her feelings , According to her , Eighteen year old little G Na and Wu Yifan met at a party , Then Wu Yifan launched a vigorous pursuit of her .

They were sweet at that time , From Vancouver to Toronto , Their love footprints are all over many places , But it didn't take long , Wu Yifan lost contact , No matter how small G No matter how na contacted him, she didn't return , Later, I was young G Na once said it was Wu Yifan made her stop believing in fairy tales .

However, Wu yifanfang issued a statement to publicize G Na's chat records and recording evidence are false , And induce fans to conduct online violence , More like Liuliu and others to small G Nana humiliated , Ma Weiwei also stood up and said something similar “ Sleeping powder is welfare ” If this makes people look at it three times and destroy it .

Jackie Chan also supported Wu Yifan after this , It means that every star has negative news , And think it will pass , I will let Wu Yifan keep a low profile . Feng Xiaogang also said publicly at Jackie Chan film week , hope Jackie Chan trains Wu Yifan well , Train him into a full-scale actor who can write and fight .

The support of these two people undoubtedly promoted Wu Yifan to quickly get out of the black material , It's ridiculous , Their speeches are similar to “ Men make mistakes ” What's the difference .

And Wu Yifan is undoubtedly very arrogant , Didn't restrain his behavior , There are many photos of Wu Yifan's date in the back , similar “ Hand in hand with Qin Niu Zhengwei ”、“ Private theater and women watching movies ” etc. , Unfortunately, Wu Yifan and Fang denied pretending to be innocent , Being teased by netizens as “ He was just cheated by an 18-year-old girl ”.

So it seems , The two of them are also in trouble , It's hard to walk away .

Song Zude stood up and pointed out the problems in the entertainment industry

With Wu Yifan's imprisonment, many big V Come out one after another to show their attitude , One of the most famous is song Zude .

Song Zude made a public statement calling for the punishment of these stars who spoke for Wu Yifan , What's more, he Jiong proposed to quit Hunan Satellite TV , More points out 《 Happy camp 》 It's a mindless show , The program group has invited Wu Yifan to participate in the program for many times , It is also a poison tumor in the industry , Focus on making money .

Jackie Chan 、 Feng Xiaogang, who once supported Wu Yifan, is really against social values , Especially at that time, Wu Yifan had burst out with Xiao G Nana's incident , The two of them were able to take it lightly , As if this is a mistake that men make .

Jackie Chan and Wu Yifan are undeniably successful in their careers , But both of them are the same scum man emotionally , No wonder Jackie Chan will speak for him , It's no wonder that “ Little dragon female ” Events will make a lot of noise , They turned out to be “ freemasonry ”.

What song Zude said is not unreasonable , Jackie Chan 、 Feng Xiaogang's support is also a group of entertainment circles 、 Some manifestation of collusion ? The entertainment industry doesn't care about good or bad character , Don't care about bad morals , As long as this person has traffic, it can bring benefits to him , Then he is useful .

Such a practice that only cares about interests but not reputation will undoubtedly bring bad value orientation to the society . Most of the fans of traffic stars are young people , There are even minors , Their three views are still immature , Once this kind of orientation is formed , It will have a bad impact on the next generation of the motherland , It is not conducive to the formation of a good social atmosphere .

Song Zude even pointed out the bad habit of comparison in the entertainment industry , It's like he Jiong receiving gifts , As small as bread , Big to luxury , What's more, send gold bars . Fans give gifts in the hope that the host will take care of their idols , Later, it became another form of “ practice ” Behavior , Go to the host , Down to the backstage , Fans want to “ Dot ” It's just too much , This fan roll is also not a good thing . He Jiong, who was brought up again , Obviously within his range .

What's more? , Many entertainment companies induce fans to make the list 、 Krypton gold supports idols , Irrational consumption of fans 、 It's not unusual to argue with your family , This crazy fan economy is really frightening .

Song Zude pointed out , Only those who really contribute to the country are called stars , These stars earn millions, making the pursuit of a new generation of children no longer “ scientists ”、“ The astronauts ”, It's a star 、 online celebrity .

in fact , As a public figure , Their influence can never be ignored , It is this deformed pink circle culture that leads people to “ Smell pink and turn pale ”. With the rapid development of contemporary countries , It is urgent to renovate the entertainment industry , Whether it's sky high pay 、 Yin yang contract , Still play the list and spend money 、 moral decay , These are the long-standing cancer of the entertainment industry , We need to pay attention to , To regulate .

The regulation of the entertainment industry is inseparable from the formulation of relevant laws , Let the gray area be under legal supervision , It is also inseparable from the industry itself to establish reasonable internal norms of the industry . From the inside out , both , Co governance , Raise the entry threshold for stars , Not only a face can enter the entertainment industry , We should start from personal morality 、 Professional level, etc .

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