At the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Yang Di once again relied on funny hot search, and Quan hongchan's hometown called for rational punch in

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preface :2021 year 8 month 8 Japan , The Tokyo Olympics are over , This is the best embodiment of “ There is no division in style ” An Olympic Games . When the closing ceremony was held , Literary and art star Yang Di is getting hot again , Once again on the hot search .

Yang Di was watching the live broadcast , I was surprised to find a moth on the Olympic rings , He thought there were moths on his TV , Later, it was found that there were moths at the scene of the Olympic Games . Yang Di quickly took a video and exclaimed :“ Look at it. ! There are moths on the Olympic rings !” Many netizens also found this scene :“ I saw it, too !”“ Look at this clever little ghost !”

This is not the first time Yang Di has rubbed the heat of the Olympic Games , But last time it was a passive rub .8 month 6 Japan , Huang Dongping, an athlete who won the gold medal of badminton mixed doubles in the Tokyo Olympic Games, succeeded in chasing star Yang Di . Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainer, pointed out : In the previous continuous wheat live broadcast , Huang Dongping said that her favorite star is Yang Di 、 Wang Jia Er 、 Jia Ling .

For a while , Huang Dongping is crazy about sending private messages to them , But nobody paid attention . Yang Di then responded :“ I come! ! Thank you for your love , I also congratulate you on winning glory for your country !” Huang Dongping also replied to Yang Di that :“ Thank you, Mr. Yang Di , I will continue to strive to win glory for the country !” Yang Di then left a message :“ Work together !”

Yang Di can love beans like Wang Jiaer , Jia Ling is like this 50 Million box office directors are on an equal footing , It seems that Yang Di is sitting down “ A variety artist ” Location. . Many Olympic athletes are successful in chasing stars because of the Olympic Games , They're on the air 、 In Weibo cue Literary stars , Most literary stars will reply to them .

8 month 8 Japan , Gymnast Lu Yufei mentioned his favorite idol in the live broadcast of Lianmai , Reveal that he likes Liu Haoran very much . Lu Yufei asked the reporter's sister :“ Can you get me Liu Haoran's signature ?” When it comes to why I like Liu Haoran , She answered because she likes movies very much 《 Chinatown detective 》.

By the time of publication , Liu Haoran has not replied to Lu Yufei .8 month 7 Japan , Li sidani's blog post :“ Congratulations to sister Gu Hong for making history , Take the Olympic silver medal , Use a fist to compare your heart , You are our pride !” Li sidani also took a photo of bixin wearing a boxer , Gu Hong won the women's boxing in Tokyo Olympic Games 69 Kilogram silver .

In women 10 In the meter platform diving competition , Quan hongchan, the youngest athlete of the Chinese delegation, got full marks three times , In total 466.20 Won the championship with super high scores . In an interview , The innocent character shown by Quan hongchan , It has been loved by countless people . After Quan hongchan won the championship , Her hometown ―― Maihe village, Mazhang Town, Zhanjiang, Guangdong is also completely on fire .

This few days , Many netizens travel to Quan hongchan's hometown , Even at night , There is still an endless stream of vehicles in the village , Many anchors broadcast live outside Quan hongchan's home in the rain . Local government officials said : Recently, epidemic prevention and control points have been set up at the entrance of the village , Test the temperature of the people who come and go , And send security personnel to maintain order , Call on everyone to punch in rationally .

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