The same rich second generation, recording variety shows, why is Luo Hao more nervous than Yao Anna?

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rich second generation recording variety

It may be influenced by Wang Sicong , People have the impression that the rich second generation who have received elite education , Probably generous 、 speak with fervour and assurance , No stage fright . But I saw Yao Anna 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 With Luo Hao 《 The love of daughters 4》 Performance in , It can be said to subvert part of cognition .

However, although Yao Anna's eyes flickered , But I can talk normally . But Luo Hao went to the bathroom to avoid the camera , Rated by Zhang Shaogang as 《 daughter 》 Siji is most afraid of male guests .

Both rich and second generation , As the president of a well-known cake enterprise , Why is Luo Hao better than “ Huawei Princess ” Still nervous ?

First of all , Luo Hao is not just Luo Hong's son , He is also the top of the company , Representing the corporate image . And Yao Anna's performance can only show Ren Zhengfei's tutor , Not all . So their image and expression , It has different degrees of significance , Luo Hao naturally needs to be more cautious .

second , When Luo Hao gets along with his girlfriend Zhou Yangqing , Except for each other , Is the big brother carrying the camera , And a fixed camera with an angle moving with people . And Yao Anna deals with real guests , The encouragement she received was also the most direct .

Whether it's an elder or a chef , Praise for her helps her adapt to the environment and build confidence . But Luo Hao and Zhou Yangqing had a short communication time , It is still in the running in stage , Falling in love and making variety shows are things that he can't relax .

Third ,《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Except for the embarrassment at first sight , With a job , Just lower your head and work . Even if you're not good at words , At best, there are few shots .

There are other guests to cover , There is little pressure on shooting and effect . But Luo Hao is a love and marriage variety , He is C A big man , Rely on him for effect . And he's a language show , Need to show emotional intelligence , You can't cover it up with work .

in addition ,《 Chinese Restaurant 》 It can be regarded as an ordinary job , Set yourself up . but 《 daughter 4》 Show your state of life , Because Luo Hao can only play himself .

Fourth , Luo Hao is chasing Zhou Yangqing , Accept the challenge bravely . It can be said that love gave him courage , I didn't want to record a reality show . however “ The little princess ” Anna Yao took the initiative , New people who have made their debut .

Her future job is to perform in front of the camera , Or active or passive , Yao Anna must also adapt quickly .

For a person who creates “ Half cooked cheese ” Man , I really didn't expect him to be so shy . and 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 and 《 daughter 4》 Broadcast simultaneously , Two rich second generations with excellent backgrounds have appeared “ social phobia ” Symptoms , I think it's interesting .

But this is where the film side was surprised and created the effect , Just imagine , If Luo Hao acts like a meeting for employees , And Yao Anna is like a debut documentary 《 Exceptional Princess 》 So calm 、 sharp , Does it increase their sense of distance from the audience .

“ The contrast is lovely ” It's a good direction .

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