Lizi and her daughter make desserts. The kitchen is comparable to the back kitchen of the five-star hotel. The super large cooking table grabs the mirror

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lizi daughter make desserts. desserts

8 month 8 Japan , Liz posted photos of making dessert with her daughter on her personal social account , And a caption : The shape of dessert cake is exquisite and attractive , No wonder many girls have become dessert controllers ,3 Piggy and I like to eat , Enjoy the process of making cakes . Every step requires attention, not carelessness , And it's fun . The small cake made with my daughters feels very delicious , Sweet in my heart !

In addition to feeling that Lizzie's interaction with her daughters is very loving , Many netizens also focus on the kitchen through the camera . The kitchen in the picture is very advanced , The decoration details are comparable to the back kitchen of a five-star hotel . Especially the huge cooking table , It is very eye-catching . Cooking in such a kitchen , It must also be a kind of happiness .

Now Lizi's family lives a happy life , The husband cherishes 、 The child is obedient 、 A successful career , It can be said that she has really lived the life many people dream of . But no one can actually feel her despair and helplessness .

If you have to add a label to Lizzy's life , It must be brave to meet her 、 The sun 、 Too, . As a teenager , Lizzie's father lost his hearing because of meningitis , As the head of the family , She instinctively shouldered the burden of her family .

In order to give her younger brother Li Ying a chance to receive higher education , Lizzie began to earn money to support her family at a young age . Alone in the entertainment industry , She's probably talking about . It started with group performance and was later discovered by star scouts , It's really not easy all the way .

To raise more tuition for my brother , Lizzie kept filming and working , At that time, she was very much like a 24 A gyroscope that never stops spinning for hours . But fortunately, her brother is very proud , First, he was admitted to the school of medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong with excellent results , Then he went to the UK to study .

In the years when my brother studied in England , Lizzy didn't stop , It is often the work of this crew that is finished , They immediately rushed to the next crew . In the entertainment world , Competition is happening all the time , So many times she doesn't dare to stop .

For my sister's efforts , Lizzie's brothers are all in the eye , After returning from school, Li Ying opened a skin clinic center , And successfully satisfied many customers . With the blessing of word of mouth , Li Ying has also become a serious, rich and handsome .

When it comes to my sister , Li Ying's eyes always contain tears , He has never been stingy to express his thanks to his sister , He said : My sister gave me a lot , She's more like half of my mother , And my best friend . She went into the entertainment industry to support her family , It's really not easy these years , Now I'm making money , I can raise her, too !

It's just “ I really don't know which one will come first ”, The second year after the clinic opened , Li Ying almost became a vegetable because of a major car accident . After learning that his brother had an accident , Lizzie's heart and strength are sudden , But it can't stop the work at hand .

For a long time, the hospital crew ran at both ends , Lizzie is also thin into a piece of paper . Because the skin clinic is my brother's dream , So she never wanted to give up , From the beginning, I didn't understand the reports and data, and once collapsed , Later, I can clearly understand all kinds of expenses and daily work of the clinic , Lizzie really made a lot of efforts .

In order to reassure my brother in the hospital bed , Lizzie chose to take a rest , Put all your energy into the skin clinic under my brother's name . Year after year , With her hard work ,2017 year 1 month 10 Japan , Lizi took her brother Li Ying's medical beauty company CosMax Business success , And listed on the Hong Kong GEM .

in the meantime , Li Ying's condition has also improved , Gradually restored the language ability and can express their ideas intermittently , And this in itself can be called a medical miracle .

Lizi, who has been busy for her family for a little while , It's finally here 2009 A paradise for marriage in , For her husband, Ma Tingqiang , She is also very grateful . When two people have dinner and get married , Lizzie simply informed the media .

She said : I'm happy to tell you , I'm married , I am very grateful to find a man who loves me and deserves my trust for life . He has a sense of responsibility and love , Everything is inclusive . I learned a lot from him , Also felt unprecedented peace of mind , I'll be with him in the future .

Now a family of five live a happy and warm life , The three daughters are also very smart and lovely . Li Zi, who managed his brother's business with great success , I finally have the energy to enjoy my life . Now she is no longer the brightest actress in front of the screen , But also live wonderful .

Netizens often encounter Lizi without powder in the vegetable market , Her face is still bright . Even in the bustling crowd , Will also be recognized at a glance . Many people have felt that Lizi's first half of life was too hard , Have no chance to choose their own life . But for her , Can help parents and brothers , Probably itself is a kind of happiness .

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