Voice of China 2021: when Na Ying robbed the students, why couldn't she compete with other tutors?

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voice china na ying robbed

《 The voice of China 2021》 Although it just aired two episodes , But not only did the audience win the championship , And there is a lot of heat and Discussion on major social platforms . At present, the program is still in the blind selection stage of tutors , At this stage, the tutor's competition is undoubtedly one of the highlights , Whether the program is scripted or improvised , Does not affect the viewing of the program .

Na Ying, as a big sister in the mainland singing world , And very good at singing love songs , So in previous seasons , Na Ying was competing with three other tutors , Not only is it easier , And very popular among the students , Many contestants have said frankly that they went to the program with Na Ying .

But this year , Na Ying is in the competition stage , It seems to be defeated by Li Ronghao and Li Keqin , Even in her preparation, she said she was too confident . Several times it was Na Ying who fought hard , I thought it was a win , But the contestant finally chose another mentor , And also a contestant who sings love songs .

Logically speaking , With Naying's current influence , You shouldn't rush to the student stage , Because Na Ying's position in the mainland music world will not be shaken easily , After all, she is already a successful Diva . What's more? , Na Ying participated in 《 My sister 2》 after , Captured another group of young fans ,《 A good voice 》 Our players join the British team , In fact, there is a large amount of exposure .

So why in the past rob people easy Na Ying , stay 《 The voice of China 2021》 But I can't compete with other mentors ? I personally think there are three reasons .

First , Na Ying is not as professional as Li Ronghao and Wang Feng .

The reason why Na Ying became a diva , Because she is recognized as a singer , Especially the treatment of love songs , This is also 《 A good voice 》 The biggest confidence of Na Ying in the past few seasons , After all, love songs are the of Chinese music “ The main theme ”. But compared with Li Ronghao and Wang Feng who can write, sing and make , There is a lack of professionalism in music .

When Li Ronghao or Wang Feng gave professional advice on composing music and writing words to the contestants , Then Ying can only agree on one side , Or inadvertently change the topic . But today's music world has changed a lot , There are many plain people who can sing , But there are not many who can sing well ,《 A good voice 》 This truth has been verified over the years .

Especially under the impact of music platform and short video platform , Plain people who can write and sing songs are also emerging in large numbers . under these circumstances , Have a chance to board 《 A good voice 》 The players on this credible stage , I also hope to get the experience of composing music and writing words from Li Ronghao and Wang Feng , After all, singing can't be improved much in just a few months . In this way , Na Ying suffered a loss in robbing people .

secondly , Na Ying is not as sincere as Li Keqin when robbing people .

When Na Ying robbed people in previous seasons , I always talk about how many champions I have brought out , But this year, such words seem to be rarely said , Because she has been questioned as insincere before , So this year Naying's strategy seems to be close to , But it's a pity that this routine doesn't work .

Talk about home 、 Living problems 、 Talk about origin, region, etc , These are the methods Na Ying used in the first two programs of this season , But few can capture players by this . At this point , Li Keqin and Na Ying are completely opposite . Although Li Keqin sometimes chooses humor to deal with , But Li Keqin is more sincere .

From the first two issues of this season's program , Li Keqin is not very close to the players , But directly express what help you can give the players , Even directly interrupted Na Ying's approach , Frankly, that's not the most important thing , How to express music on this stage is the most important .

Last , Naying's “ Rob people first and then PK” My strategy is wrong .

Must have been chasing this season 《 A good voice 》 The audience found out , Na Ying and Zhang Bichen almost rob everyone , Although many viewers are not sure, so , But this may be the strategy of Naying group , The first 6 The human team is full , Then when you meet a good one, you've tried your best to grab , And then PK, Superior bad discard . Naying's approach , And Nicholas Tse for the first time 《 A good voice 》 The same strategy as a mentor , There seems to be no loss , But in fact, players don't necessarily think so .

After the Naying group is full , If a contestant really wants to choose Na Ying , Then he has to consider whether he can PK Lose one of the full staff . Besides , If you PK Don't drop anyone , So are the other three mentors willing to be included in their own team . These two points , Enough to make the contestants who want to choose Na Ying hesitate .

But if the player gives up Naying , If you choose another mentor to turn around for yourself , Probably won't face being PK, Or not for the time being PK, It's much safer than choosing the full British team . So , Although Na Ying's “ Rob people first and then PK” Your strategy seems witty , But it's actually “ You can't profit at the expense of others ”.

Although the British team is now full , But several can only join the British team , Because only Na Ying and Zhang Bichen turned around for them . What's more? , The current six players in the British group , Except that Chen Wenfei impressed the audience , The others should not go far .

Except for Wang Feng, who has not yet made a strong selection , Wang Honghao of Li Ronghao's team , Wang Jingwen of Li Keqin's team 、 Wu Ke �h、 Yu Kong 、 Su Zhiyin is the current hot player , Although it is difficult to predict who is the champion , But these guys should be able to survive a few rounds . If Na Ying grabs people first and then PK Under strategy , If you can't grab a more powerful player , The current lineup can't compete with Li Keqin's team .

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