I heard that Yuangu wants to change the script《 Five serious problems in "teliga Altman" are very dangerous if they are not solved!

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heard yuangu wants change script

Round Valley to give 《 Treja Altman 》 Change the script , I guess everyone already knows , The fifth episode should have been launched , But Round Valley used a so-called special article to replace , In fact, it is necessary to set aside time to revise the script . But there are five very serious problems , If we don't solve it again, it will be very dangerous .

The first question is , There are too many shadows of diga on taliga Altman , I believe everyone will not deny this , It can even be said that the audience is very disgusted with the play , Because he used diga too much . Especially his experience is the same as Dega , This is hard to accept , So if this problem is not solved , It's not very useful for Yuangu to change the script .

The second problem is the form of the protagonist , So far, there have been three , And it is said that director Yuangu has determined , There are only three forms of telika . Tell the truth , Can you accept this situation ? At that time, diga Altman also hung up at the grand finale , So what should Tricia Altman do when he runs to the finale ? So round Valley really should arrange another form for him .

The third problem is also obvious , That is, the members of the elite victory team have no temperament , It looks like a group of stragglers . Let's think again 《 Dega Altman 》 The winning team in , Their members seem quite formal ? But now the members of the elite victory team are too young , And there is no elite temperament . But I'm afraid this problem is not easy to solve , Because the players have already played , Round Valley can't replace them temporarily .

The fourth problem is the contradiction in the play , It has been very annoying to the audience , If it is not solved, it will have a great impact on the play . For example, the reason why the super ancient civilization perished , Now there are two versions . The first version is what Camilla said , She told everyone that the super ancient civilization perished in their hands , Everyone has seen this 《 Final Jihad 》 I should remember . But now 《 Treja Altman 》 There is another version in , That is, Carmela, who personally destroyed the super ancient civilization , If such contradictions are not solved , How do you think we can continue to watch ?

The fifth problem is actually more serious , That is very poor in literature and drama , Some netizens even said frankly , After watching an episode, I don't know what Yuangu is talking about . Yes, of course , It's not just our audience that thinks , Even the actor of ACE Altman's human body , Also questioned Round Valley , So if this matter is not solved , Even if a new work is launched in the future , I'm afraid the audience still can't accept .

Round Valley is off now 《 Treja Altman 》, We need to change the script of the play , If we can solve the above five problems , Maybe it can make 《 Treja Altman 》 Coming back to life , I wonder if you think Yuangu will do this ?

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