Yang Siqi celebrates her 43rd birthday, shows her abdominal muscles, takes a group photo with her daughter, full of happiness, and her husband is still missing

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yang siqi celebrates 43rd rd

Former Hong Kong sister Yang Siqi welcomes 43 birthday , Because of the natural childlike appearance , Also keen on sports and maintenance , So I can't see that she has 43 Year old , Say she is 34 At any age . And this year's birthday , Yang Siqi wants to look high-profile , Especially compared with 2020 year , After all, the epidemic was serious , Not suitable for gathering to celebrate a birthday , So on her birthday this year “ unbridled ” once , Many birthdays have passed in recent days , With friends , Celebrate with your family . After the celebration , She didn't forget to put out the photos , Share the joy , Among them is a picture of her holding her daughter , Her mysterious husband never showed his face , As far as outsiders are concerned, this is quite regrettable . For Yang Siqi , The best birthday gift these years , Is to have children around , This is a happiness that can't be bought for much money , In addition to 43 On your birthday , The gift she gave herself surprised many people ―― Four abdominal muscles , She got a picture of her abs , Surprising and shocking .

Yang Siqi is described by outsiders as “ The goddess ”, It will also be described as “ Magic goddess ”. So-called “ The goddess ” There's no need to explain , High beauty 、 In good shape , Since the election of Hong Kong sister , Her appearance has always been praised by the audience ――2001 Won the Hong Kong sister championship in , A total of six awards were won , This also made her the champion of Hong Kong sister who won the most awards in the history of Hong Kong sister election , From this aspect alone, she has been established “ The goddess ” The status of , Plus the figure is also very prominent , So it is still “ The goddess ”.

Compared with “ The goddess ” The title of , Yang Siqi's “ Wonder woman ” This title is more interesting . In fact, Yang Siqi's life experience is very magical , Especially in love life , This is the topic that the outside world likes to discuss most . For example, in the early years with Li Yonghao 、 The entanglement between Wu Shuai , It is hard to decide who is right and who is wrong , After all, when I didn't break up with Li Yonghao , And have a good relationship with Wu Shuai , And pregnant , After the birth of her daughter , She also broke up with Wu Shuai , Although we all know that Yang Siqi now 9 My daughter's biological father is Wu Shuai , But she just didn't mention it , Make the child's biological father a mystery . What's more mysterious is 2019 In, Yang Siqi suddenly announced that she was pregnant ,2020 In, she gave birth to a son , And the child's father is still a mystery , Despite Yang Siqi's repeated claims that she is married , I have a husband , And not a virtual husband , It's just that the children are over one year old , Never seen a child's father , This is really incredible .

Yang Siqi can be called “ Wonder woman ” It also lies in , She supported her two children on her own , Her daughter was raised completely by her , I never asked for a penny from my child's father , And if you have a son in this life , In Yang Siqi's words , She also takes care of it alone . Although Yang Siqi seems to be struggling alone all the time , And support the family , And take care of the children , Development is not a matter of wind and water , But she already has at least three properties under her name , The market value is half a billion , It's really what capable people can't , It's admirable , Sealed “ Wonder woman ” it .

Whether it's “ The goddess ” still “ Wonder woman ” In essence, Yang Siqi is a very ordinary woman , What we pursue is just a simple and happy life . What is a simple and happy life ? Is to have children , A husband dotes , Having children with them has been realized ――2020 Yang Siqi's son was born , Finally, a good word . As for the love of a husband , This is a matter of opinion , Her husband is always too mysterious , Never show your face , I have never been caught by the media , So many people outside don't believe she has a husband , May have to wait until the mysterious husband shows up , Everyone was convinced that she was really happy .

No wonder outsiders have such a perception , No real people , Even if it's blown up , It's also illusory . The focus is on any important festival , Yang Siqi won't let her husband show his face , Including your birthday .8 month 6 On the th, Yang Siqi welcomed 43 birthday , As usual , At least she celebrates with her family , One son and one daughter are necessary . This year is a little more special than last year , Because the epidemic is slowing down , She can invite more family and friends to get together , She put out many pictures of her birthday , One of the families 、 A friend specially prepared a for her “ tiara ” Shaped cake , The cake is written “ The goddess ” Two words , Very thoughtful . Besides “ The goddess ” Outside the cake , And a black forest strawberry cake , Yang Siqi couldn't help taking a picture with her daughter and cake , That sense of happiness naturally overflowed , However, such a happy moment lacks a husband around , I'm really sorry .

Although there is no photo of celebrating the birthday with her husband , But Yang Siqi sent himself a very special gift on this birthday ―― Good figure . Over the past few months , Yang Siqi has been practicing very hard , I hope to make my identity better , More perfect , Kung Fu pays off to those who have a heart , Yang Siqi took four super obvious abdominal muscle photos on her birthday , It's amazing . And she left a message saying , Preliminary results , Will continue to work hard to refuel ! Hope you are healthy 、 Bodybuilding ! It seems that the cultivation of Goddess is not only natural beauty , More need to rely on the efforts of the day after tomorrow , It's really not easy .

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