Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi's song with the king, watched 6 episodes and 3 highlights at one go, testing the screenwriter's skills in adaptation

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cheng yi zhang yuxi song

The latest star play on Mango station yesterday 《 Song with Jun 》 Made a head start for the late summer file . This ancient costume love drama also has a bit of suspense , It tells the story of Wenzong's reign at the end of the Tang Dynasty , because “ The change of nectar ” The two sisters, who had been separated for many years, were involved in court disputes because of their different camps , The story of tit for tat competition .

The night the play premiered , Not only on the Internet, the heat is not low , And successfully won the satellite TV simultaneous segment , Audience champion , Good grades . Xiaobian, as a lover of ancient costume drama , Catch up in one breath 6 Set , Share a few impressions to everyone !

1: The story tests the screenwriter's skills

《 Song with Jun 》 It's based on Feihua's novel 《 Sword instrument line 》 Adapted , Formerly known as 《 Wake up Chang'an 》. Compared with the ancient style of the original work, the bitter hatred is deep , The style of TV series is more flexible , The characters also have their own characteristics .

The whole play depends on adaptation , This overhead plot backed by historical facts , The change is the icing on the cake , If you can't change it, a mouse shit will spoil a pot of soup . So the writer's writing ability is particularly important .

The story takes place in the overhead era with the historical facts of the Tang Dynasty as the background , The female leader is the fish of the Prime Minister Wang Ya's family who died in vain when the dew changed , Sister Cheng Ruoyu ( Zhang to the sunrise Decoration ) The memory was erased by the imperial palace of the purple clothes Bureau. He grew up as a bodyguard and became a sword bearer , Sister Qiu Yanzhi ( Xuanlu Decoration ) Then he became the adoptive daughter of Qiu Shiliang, the eunuch leader who had the power to overthrow the government and the public , Chess player .

Man ( Cheng Yi Decoration ) Is the younger brother of the former Emperor ,“ clasp an enemy to one's bosom ” The new emperor . And Qiu Shiliang ( He Shengming Decoration ) When Li Tang declined “ To coerce the emperor to order the princes ” The eunuch of . These four people are opposite each other , The emperor was controlled by others everywhere because of the powerful eunuch , For a long-term plan, I have to bear it and converge my edge . The sword bearer was the emperor's right arm , Work faithfully for the Emperor .

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