Yadan takes turns to harm martial brothers. Benshan dares to be angry but dare not speak. Why does Guo Degang see through?

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yadan takes turns harm martial

Yadan was once a cherished disciple of Zhao family class and Zhao Benshan , But after all, he also parted ways with Zhao Benshan , In the face of Yadan's embarrassing marriage with his fellow martial brothers , Zhao Benshan also has nothing to say . Guo Degang once said that he had confiscated several disciples who were not human , This sentence shows Guo Degang's penetrating heart .

One 、 Yadan and Zhao's classmates are brothers' love and hate

Yadan's fire was at the Spring Festival Gala and Zhao Benshan 、 A sketch of Shenyang's cooperation 《 Not bad money 》, Zhao Benshan used this sketch to turn two disciples into a new generation of sketch actors , Little Shenyang and Ya egg .

Yadan was once a female apprentice valued by Zhao Benshan , Zhao Benshan is still optimistic about Yadan's talent , Otherwise, I won't choose to take her to the Spring Festival Gala . But this respect didn't last long .

At first, Yadan looked at Wang Jinlong in Zhao's class , The two also entered the palace of marriage . Zhao Benshan is still very fond of the marriage of the two disciples , Wang Jinlong and Yadan are also a good match in his eyes . It's just not a long time , Yadan's marriage to Wang Jinlong didn't last long , The two ended in divorce .

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