An elegant 40 year old woman, wearing shorts and skirts like this! Advanced simplicity can break the sense of conservatism

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elegant year old woman wearing

Most middle-aged women choose clothes , Often choose some old and conservative clothes , This is not helpful for shaping its unique personality and image .40 The dress of a - year-old woman , Also wear your own fashion . Women who want to wear romantic and young look at it !

One 、 Neat shorts

Simple and neat shorts are one of the main pieces to reflect the lively atmosphere in summer . By wearing neat shorts , We will not only get a comfortable feeling , At the same time, it can also create a simple and capable feeling .

The pure white top piece adopts hollow out style and lace like shoulder sleeve design , Make the whole look a little more girlish and youthful . Match it with a lace style half leg pants and a pair of apricot heels , The whole person becomes elegant and sweet , And the comfort is quite good .

At the end of the working day , Many female friends will choose to be lazy when they are leisure . The black sleeveless knit top is very slim , Body fit design , Match with a white suit and shorts , Not only thin , But also show excellent figure .

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