Xi Mengyao, as a supermodel, has great facial features and doesn't lose face when laughing. She looks very feminine in a black skirt

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xi mengyao supermodel great facial

When it comes to black clothes, what comes to mind first ? You may think of versatile, mysterious and dark styles . From the definition of color , Black is actually a colorless color .

Therefore, the visual impression brought by black will be endowed with diversified , In Chinese culture, black will also be endowed with a lot of philosophical significance .

With the rise of national tide and wind , Black is no longer just those kinds of versatile 、 Or a skinny style , When designers design clothes, they add a lot of cultural significance .

Female model Xi Mengyao often wears black clothes , Whether it's black skirts or other clothes , She has had a lot of black shapes , You can try to learn from Xi Mengyao's black dress .

Xi Mengyao as a supermodel , The facial features are magnificent , Laugh without losing face , Wearing a black dress is very feminine , And I have to say that Xi Mengyao's beautiful legs are very provocative , It's also very long to sit , The sitting posture looks very dignified .

Black collocation rule ** Fabric

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