Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi's TV series will be broadcast! Are you going to be number one again? His success is worth it

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Now Xiao Zhan , It is no longer a small role that used to be lonely and nameless , He has grown into an existence that many people admire very much , Become the top star in the entertainment industry . It can be said that every script handed to Xiao Zhan , All represent the highest configuration of the film and television industry , Luxury lineup .

A lot of people say , The entertainment industry is a muddy water , How many people go in with their heads down , Hit his head with blood , For outsiders , May not understand the truth of the entertainment industry , What we see , Only appearances . So everyone who can gain a foothold in the entertainment industry , It's not easy . They also paid a lot of efforts that ordinary people can't pay .

Today's Xiao Zhan , With an unparalleled modeling team 、 Costume scene , Well known director , And Xiao Zhan's partners are different , No longer an 18 line artist with no choice , But a top star like Yang Zi , Because he became the man on the top of the snow mountain , so to speak , Xiao Zhan's light is more and more dazzling , Better and better .

Such an excellent Xiao Zhan , Naturally, there are TV dramas , In recent days , Xiao Zhan's film and television drama 《 Yu Guyao 》 Successful killing , Xiao Zhan's next play has also become the most concerned thing for fans , At present, a person who claims to be familiar with the matter has revealed , After Xiao Zhan, he is likely to renew the front edge with Xinli who has cooperated for many times , Play more wonderful works .

And everyone has been waiting for a long time 《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》 It has been confirmed that the gear is set , This TV play starring Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi , It won't be long before it's officially broadcast , It can be seen that Xiao Zhan's planning for acting is very good , This is one of the reasons why Xiao Zhan can succeed .

TV play 《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》 From June to August , In short, it's just pushing and pushing , Plus the previous online rumors that “ Mango stage drama ”, It also attracted fans' dissatisfaction for a time , Even had a dispute with the staff , Finally, studio Xiao Zhan came forward to solve the dispute , so to speak , The TV play attracted a lot of people's attention .

At present, it is said that the gear will be fixed in September , I guess it also makes 《 You are my glory 》 End of broadcast , Maybe it will be your own “ home ”, So as long as the plot is attractive enough , Then the ratings can be guaranteed , Do you think? ?

The TV series of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi will be broadcast ! Are you going to be number one again ? His success is worth , What do you think ?

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