The ex-wife named her son "Zhen Wenzhuo" is related to Zhao Wenzhuo? No wonder yen kept silent!

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ex-wife ex wife named son

Yen's son's name is “ Zhen Wenzhuo ”, What does this have to do with Zhao Wenzhuo ?

We all know that yen and his current wife Wang Shishi have a son and a daughter , However, except the youngest son Zhen Jijia , Ex wife Liang Jingci gave birth to the eldest son for yen .

After their divorce, the reporter asked Liang Jingci “ Is Donnie Yen a great man ?”

Liang Jingci sneered and said he didn't want to mention him , Now he named yen's son “ Zhen Wenzhuo ” Is it revenge ?

After all, the resentment between yen and Zhao Wenzhuo is well known in the circle , The war between the two also set off a curse war involving the three places on both sides of the Strait .

Donnie Yen and Zhao Wenzhuo are both familiar martial arts stars ,2012 It was reported that the two were about to cooperate in the film 《 Special identity 》, Two Kung Fu stars partner in filming , This is something to look forward to , But what happened after that made the two people become inseparable .

Time to go back to 2012 year , at that time 《 Special identity 》 The film is starred by Zhao Wenzhuo and yen , But two days later there was a story about Zhao Wenzhuo “ Play big ” The news of the event broke out .

In the explosion , Zhao Wenzhuo asked to stay in the presidential suite during filming , And require no less than 7 A staff member is always on standby , Even the script is very dissatisfied , Also ask the film side to change the script and so on .

As soon as this article came out, everyone talked about it , Zhao Wenzhuo has always shown people with a positive image , There has never been any negative news , The true or false extent of this matter needs to be decided again .

When people can't tell the true from the false , The cast 《 Special identity 》 Suddenly send a document , He said that he had stopped filming with Zhao Wenzhuo , His part was also replaced by an Zhijie .

This move undoubtedly confirms Zhao Wenzhuo's “ Play big ” Behavior .

Two days later, Zhao Wenzhuo also posted an article on his microblog “ special ” Statement , To clarify the so-called “ Play big ” event , also 《 Special identity 》 The crew unilaterally terminated their cooperation with him , And negotiate for Zhao Wenzhuo himself and the working team .

In subsequent interviews , Zhao Wenzhuo also mentioned that at this time , He said “ I've never played big cards , There's someone else who really plays big cards !”

This sentence successfully turned people's attention to another protagonist, yen .

In Zhao Wenzhuo's constant disclosure , The context of the whole thing has gradually become clear , It turned out that the play was originally set to be a double male master , But Zhao Wenzhuo's play has been greatly changed , Finally, yen became the protagonist , Zhao Wenzhuo matched it .

Last , Zhao Wenzhuo said directly in front of the camera that yen is ” Drama bully ”, As the producer of this film, it's not difficult for him to change the script !

Zhao Wenzhuo's words directly set off an uproar in the entertainment circle , Donnie Yen also had to stand up and say that she was really disappointed with Zhao Wenzhuo , Because I recommended him to play this film , But for the dirty water Zhao Wenzhuo poured on himself , He is not willing to be silent , Frankly speaking, I took my life to shoot , I haven't seen any big waves !

The war between the two began , Both sides stick to their own words. You come and I go, and you will never give up , No one knows what the truth is ?

Zhao Wenzhuo said “ I'd rather be blocked , Also want to return their innocence !”

Fans from both sides also participated in the curse war for their idols , Expose each other's background , Deep black history .

Stars from the three places on both sides of the Strait have also stood up to speak for their friends .

Zhao Wenzhuo's artists are : Yang Mi 、 Maoning 、 Ding Zijun 、 LAN Yan et al , Be concise and comprehensive “ Support Wenzhuo ” It shows everyone's voice .

There are not a few artists standing in line to support yen .

Wang Jing's Theory “ The whole bank knows who Zhao Wenzhuo is !”

Du Wenze said “ Donnie Yen is a very serious actor .”

Hui Yinghong said that she knew yen when she was a child , I know his character .

It can be seen that most of the people who support yen are Hong Kong and Taiwan stars , Only two Hong Kong artists, Luo Jiaying and Yuanhua, stand in line with Zhao Wenzhuo .

Because of this dispute, Shu Qi and Xu Jiao were also tragically involved .

Because I worked with yen , Shu Qi wrote for him on his microblog , But he was abused by Zhao Wenzhuo's fans , Feng Xiaogang, who couldn't stand it, said a fair word for Shu Qi , I didn't expect to be satirized by netizens as “ Hushubao ”!

In a rage, Shu Qi emptied all his microblogs , Feng Xiaogang was also very angry .

Xu Jiao was also scolded by netizens for standing in line with Zhao Wenzhuo .

As the incident gets louder and louder , Even out of control , The two protagonists also spontaneously stopped mentioning , This matter is not settled .

Understand their gratitude and resentment , Looking back, I saw that yen's ex-wife named her son “ Zhen Wenzhuo ” Is there any indescribable relationship with Zhao Wenzhuo ?

Actually , There is no relationship between Liang Jingci and Zhao Wenzhuo , The biggest thing is the emotional resentment with yen .

1993 year , Zhen Zidan, who has been in the industry for a short time, met Liang Jingci, who is engaged in the advertising industry , The two soon got married , But the marriage lasted less than a year and came to an end .

The reason is that yen is in love with Wan Qiwen , After divorcing Liang Jingci, yen Zidan knelt down and proposed to Wan Qiwen , I've left my ex-wife behind .

however , After the divorce, Liang Jingci found that she was pregnant with their children , When she called yen , What you get is a cold response .

Can't bear to abandon this little life , Liang Jingci gave birth to the child alone , Yen also said that she would fulfill her responsibilities as a father .

But yen didn't keep his promise , After marrying rich woman Wang Shishi , It's fun to have a son and a daughter , Ignore the eldest son born to his ex-wife , It's also not mentioned to the outside world .

When the eldest son was hospitalized and needed surgery , Liang Jingci keeps calling yen in the hope that he can come and see his son , But yen was indifferent , Instead, I went scuba diving .

Such an irresponsible father , No wonder Liang Jingci spoke ill of him .

Zhen Zidan's eldest son is Zhen Wenzhuo , It's mother Liang Jingci who wants her son to live through , It has nothing to do with Zhao Wenzhuo .

However, both yen and Zhao Wenzhuo have been greatly affected in their careers , It is estimated that the probability of future cooperation is also very small .

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