Chen Sicheng card points to celebrate Tong Liya's birthday: there is an predecessor who calls me hope you are happy

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chen sicheng card points celebrate

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More than two months have passed since Chen Sicheng divorced Tong Liya , I thought it was 8 month 8 On the woman's birthday , The man won't show any .

After all , The relationship between the two has been divorced , And the man had a lot of emotional misconduct before , Let the woman suffer all the grievances in her marriage in recent years .

Even if they seem to break up respectably , Perhaps they have secretly regarded each other as the enemy .

But tell the truth. , Compared with the breakup between lovers , Once legally related divorce , It will not only make each other the most familiar strangers , It's easier to be an enemy .

Online said , Divorce best reflects one's moral bottom line , Some people even show their underwear .

Probably because of this , The division between economic and social relations at the time of divorce , Will make each other argue , Finally, I completely tore my face on petty profits .

Very few divorce , They are really the same as in many film and television works , Can continue to get along with relatives , Can continue to be friends .

But more than two months after their divorce , Chen Sicheng can be the same as before the divorce , Continue to bless your ex-wife's birthday card , It can be seen that neither of them has evolved into the worst of marriage , Let the child's parents become enemies of fire and water .

The only difference is , His appellation of Tong Liya starts from “ The wife ” Turned into “ Duoduo mom ”, From the partner who was once important to your life , Became the mother of her child , That is, their relatives .

Maybe , Between two adults , Because feelings fade , Three different views and other factors can not continue marriage , But what will never change is their love and blood for their children .

Because of the children , Each other will always keep a place for each other , Although it is no longer love , But it is still an indispensable part of life .

It was after Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya divorced , Still card point blessing moment , It occurred to me that , There is a kind of predecessor , I hope you are happy .

Only she is happy , Their children can be better taken care of , There will be fewer regrets in your life .


Host Li AI once said in a reality show , She doesn't find a partner like many young people , She thinks a woman's most important decision , Not looking for a job , Not where to live , It's not marrying a man , But what kind of father to find for their children .

She explains : Because you can change your job 、 The place can be changed 、 Even husbands can change , But the child's father can't change anything .

in other words , The most important thing to get married and find a partner is to find a sanguanzheng 、 People with big patterns , Not a haggle , People who misinterpret society and life .

I remember after Dong Jie and pan Yueming divorced , Almost faded out of everyone's vision , But when she took her son to the parent-child reality show , I seem to see the great impact of disgraceful divorce on children .

After Dong Jie divorced pan Yueming , Did not come together with Wang Dazhi , Instead, he chose to raise his children alone .

Maybe she places too much hope and love on the little boy , Let me see a sensible and submissive boy who doesn't belong to this age .

Zenith ( Dong Jie's son's nickname ) Very good at looking at my mother's face , I found it wrong , Immediately become clever and sensible , Contrary to the mischievous character of his age .

What makes me incredible is , Dong Jie also took wedding photos with her son , The intimacy between the two people made the audience angry .

She is good at showing weakness in front of her son , She is also jealous when he plays with other children , I really cry , Let Dingding come and hold her and say “ Dad loves you ”.

Excessive intimacy , Let the child distort his character in the abnormal parent-child relationship , Not to mention others , Ding Ding is likely to become a Ma Bao Man .

as everyone knows , The divorce between Dong Jie and pan Yueming is not pleasant , More Than This , Dong Jie also refused to see pan Yueming's children , Even if the child's grandfather is ill in hospital, he is not allowed to , Pan Yueming, who is eager for his son, can only click on the social platform every year to celebrate his birthday .

Absence of father , Mother's abnormal parent-child relationship , It is destined to let children grow up in an unhealthy environment , It will also have a great impact on children's feelings and career in the future .

Look at the same divorced Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang , Although the situation is similar to that of Dong Jie and pan Yueming , But Li Xiaolu did not deprive Jia Nailiang of his responsibility as a father , Often photographed by reporters visiting Tianxin , And Tianxin didn't have any influence because of her parents' separation , Still a cheerful and optimistic little girl .


In the current situation of high divorce rate , Many people choose divorce because they want to be themselves .

There is a saying on the Internet , Marriage is not necessarily for happiness , But divorce must be .

In marriage , I've had enough of being a wife 、 Mother or daughter 、 The role of daughter-in-law , After the divorce , I just want to be myself , Continue to pursue your unfinished dreams , Realize your life value .

When two people divorce , Can leave with real dignity , Is the best full stop for your past feelings .

All say , Ending a relationship takes a lot of energy , And one's energy is limited , When you put more time and energy into the seesaw battle with your predecessor , Then you are bound to ignore your life and career .

This has to mention Dong Jie and pan Yueming again , They are the golden girls in the entertainment industry , After the combination, the career is smooth .

But it's a tug of war between each other in the network , Put each other's allegations in front of the public , While consuming each other's energy , It also consumed each other's efforts for so many years to get the love of the audience .

But Dong Jie, who is angry at her head, can't care so much , Still keep on to the former lover 、 The son's father made all kinds of unreasonable charges .

Pan Yueming never launched a frontal attack , Just one statement after another , And alarm and prosecution , Protect yourself with civilization and law .

Maybe the divorce between them on the Internet is too bloody , The end result can only be the destruction of two people's careers .

Especially after pan Yueming's victory in the court and the photo between Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi , Completely let Dong Jie leave the entertainment circle .

Actually , Just like Pan Yueming's interview later , He also admitted the failure of their marriage , I'm sure he's also responsible , But the tearing force in divorce is the real consumption of each other .

Look at the same divorce article and mai �P, In future actions , It's really like the official propaganda , Become a friend , Raising two children together .

The article not only often takes the eldest daughter to the competition , There will be news of mai �P When you have a new relationship , Send sincere blessings .

Feelings come to the end , What can give each other is not hatred , More blessings , This is not just a blessing to each other , It is also a blessing to children , It is also a blessing for your future .

After all , More consumption , Finally, they will bite back to themselves .


As Carnegie said :“ Economically independent women , With the ability to create happiness , They don't need to please and rely on men . Marriage is for them , It's just icing on the cake .”

Marriage can give women too little , But in any case, we must have our own ability to create happiness , Just like Chen Sicheng still keeps a good relationship with Tong Liya after his divorce , Is protecting her ability , Make her happier and happier , Eventually her positive emotions , It can also bring better education and guidance to children .

After the divorce , Each other is no longer lovers , No longer a partner , But it must be my parents , The most familiar heterosexual friends are the best choice .


Today's topic : Do you think you can still be friends after divorce ?

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