Lin Xinru cooks for his daughter. The 4-year-old dolphin sweet calls Huo Jianhua's father. The father and daughter play with great love

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lin xinru cooks daughter. daughter

8 month 8 Japan , Lin Xinru posted a video of herself preparing lunch for her daughter on the social platform , Arousing hot discussion among netizens .

In the video , Lin Xinru is stirring the curry in the pot with chopsticks , Although not on camera , But she still wrote at the top of the video :“ Love curry chicken for my daughter , Children's taste ”, Curry is bright in color under the lens , The color of food with high saturation makes people seem to have a big appetite , Besides , The plate Lin Xinru prepared for his daughter's Stewed curry is still pink heart-shaped , It looks lovely .

While Lin Xinru is cooking curry , Her daughter's little dolphin's voice was also accidentally exposed , I can vaguely hear the little dolphin shouting “ Dad ”, The creamy Taiwanese accent sounds very sweet , Although I didn't hear Huo Jianhua's voice , But you can also imagine a family living in harmony .

The love story between Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua is also enviable , When they haven't confirmed their relationship , Lin Xinru was sent to the hospital because he fell and hurt his chin in the toilet at home , To this end, Huo Jianhua specially pushed off his job and flew to Taiwan to visit ,2016 year 5 month 20 Japan , The two announced their relationship and in the same year 7 month 5 I entered the palace of marriage on the th , When the couple held their wedding, most of the stars in the entertainment industry came to send their blessings .

And the little dolphin also grew up under the love of her parents ,2017 year 1 month 6 Japan , Lin Xinru gave birth to his daughter Dolphin , Huo Jianhua also went directly to Taiwan to accompany her .

Lin Xinru and his wife protect their daughter's privacy very well , They have never sent a front photo of a young dolphin , But last year 6 month 19 Japan , A netizen came across Huo Jianhua shopping with his wife and daughter , He held the little dolphin and kissed his daughter on the cheek , The interactive picture between father and daughter is very loving .

Today, Lin Xinru is not only accompanied by her husband and children , My career is also very smooth , It can be called a winner in life . Wish her continued happiness , I also hope the little dolphins grow up healthily and happily .

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