After the three Champions confessed to Deyun club, Liu Xinda shouted to Gong Lijiao: don't let Guo Degang rub the heat

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So-called “ There is ink in the chest , The stomach has the poetry book gas from China ”, Talented people don't over show how rich their knowledge is , The accumulation of their own knowledge can contribute to their temperament , Don't overdo it , Others can feel , And can appreciate their talents .

From another point of view , Can be accepted by the public , And be able to make some achievements in its field , It shows that its ability is extraordinary . Like the recent German cloud society , Although there are no big activities , But because of being 3 The Olympic champions talked about it one after another and made a big show . So, among them , What's going on ?

The Olympic champion confessed to the German cloud society

At this year's Olympic Games , Gong Lijiao won the shot put championship , Add another gold to our country , This is indeed a great honor . But after the game , Gong Lijiao's interview made people instantly divert their attention .

stay 《 Champion lianlianmai 》 He expressed his love for Deyun society , Can be said to be a very loyal fan . Besides , She is not stingy with her praise of Guo Degang , She said that Guo Degang not only spoke crosstalk well , And very good character , Under the education of Guo Degang , Guo Qilin is also a very educated person . Under such praise , It is obvious that Gong Lijiao likes Deyun society .

Gong Lijiao even said , I also want to go to Deyun club to talk about crosstalk . As a result, that's it , The program team helped Gong Lijiao realize her dream .

After Guo Degang received the news , They immediately responded on the social platform “‘ state ’ Guan Qianjun , China ‘ Jiao ’ Arrogant ”, And invite Gong Lijiao to Deyun society to listen to crosstalk . Between words , We can see that Guo Degang is not because others like , Just put yourself in a high position , Instead, they quietly invited these Olympic champions to visit Deyun Club , Very friendly .

Besides , Many netizens observed , Gong Lijiao and Zhang helun look more alike , So many people joked : They are “ Brother and sister ”. Guo Degang also responded by saying You can arrange Zhang helun's crosstalk for Gong Lijiao , Very humorous result, netizen's stem , It can also be regarded as another degree of fulfilling the dream for the Olympic champion .

But I want to say , Every Olympic athlete is the pride of the motherland , We should also respect every player . Among them , Not because Gong Lijiao is a champion , But want to share the happiness after winning the championship with him . I think if other players show their love for Deyunshe , Guo Degang will certainly express something .

Deyun society gained popularity in the Olympic Games

On this Olympic field , We have also seen many athletes, many lovely side , I can see that they are like ordinary people , Also chasing stars . Deyun club is also loved by many athletes , I have been named by these Olympic champions many times to express my love , Many are “ Deyun girl ”.

In addition to Gong Lijiao , Zhang Yufei also likes Deyun society very much . She has made great achievements in the Olympic Games , Won two gold medals and two silver medals , It can be said to be a very high honor , Zhang Yufei is also blessed by many netizens .

On social platforms , Some netizens joked :“ What do two gold and two silver want to summon ?” Zhang Yufei replied lovably :“ Can you summon Da Linzi ?” result , After hearing the news, Guo Qilin , Immediately summoned , Reply to Zhang Yufei's social account :“ Summon me with a gold medal ?

After a while , They interact with each other on social platforms , This interaction also filled Zhang Yufei's heart with joy . After all, you can get the response from your favorite idol , Just thinking about it is enough happiness .

Many netizens also joked : I think the two people are quite matched , And Guo Qilin is of marriageable age , Just think these two people can be together . One is the Olympic champion , One is the new generation of crosstalk , And have a good face , Be famous, be famous , No wonder netizens think they are a perfect match .

Although the words of netizens have the meaning of ridicule , But this statement has put them on the same level . Apart from Guo Qilin's aura , As an Olympic champion, Zhang Yufei is still loved by everyone , There is another halo on your body , Enough to compete with stars .

Besides , And Li Wenwen, the weightlifting champion who has frequently boarded the hot search recently , He also claimed in the interview that “ Deyun girl ”. In the interview after the program , She expressed her love for Qin Xiaoxian of Deyun society , It's even more exciting to see your idol .

The eyes of the masses are bright

One after another 3 The German cloud society, which was confessed by an Olympic champion , It can be seen that it has gained a great reputation in today's crosstalk world , After all, athletes who are busy training all day like Deyun club very much , Its influence can be imagined . I Believe , It is a proud thing for Deyun society .

But after you like it , When the limelight is exhausted, there will be a backlash . Just as every popular star must have black material , Forced on him , To satisfy the envy and jealousy of those people . The same is true of Deyun society this time , It's been busy for a while , There are some negative news on the Internet , for instance Director Liu Xinda said Guo Degang was rubbing the heat of the Olympic champion , At the same time, he shouted Gong Lijiao “ Don't let Guo Degang rub your heat ”.

But I don't think this will have much impact on Guo Degang himself . From nothing to now , He has suffered enough in this process , But then comes the confidence after suffering . People who come through the wind and rain , Capable of dealing with a dark .

Olympic champions like Deyunshe , This shows that Deyun society can make many people like , And deserve more people to like . They use crosstalk to convey happiness , It also enables crosstalk to carry forward in minority culture , This is also a success .

and , Guo Degang's success is not just in crosstalk , His success is more reflected in his virtue , Therefore, it will be recognized by many people . A person's character is high , That's enough to show that he can do many things successfully , The prerequisite for Guo Degang's success is because of this .

Good people always attract each other , Whether it's Deyun society or Olympic athletes , Each other can see each other's bright spots , Appreciate each other , This is enough to show the excellence of the other party . And they , I will also be better myself under the pressure of being appreciated .


At this Olympic Games , We not only see the posture of many athletes fighting for honor for their motherland , We can also see the lovely side and side of many athletes . They also chase stars , They are in ordinary life , Also have the same hobbies as us , They also have their own lives .

“ Deyun girl ” Our circle has also become wider , Some Deyun girls have won glory for their country , This is also a great honor for Deyun girl herself . however , The existence of idols can also urge us to become better ourselves , When you achieve something , Will be able to stand side by side with idols .

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