What is a cook? Meiqiang miserable Nicholas Tse is the true meaning

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cook meiqiang miserable nicholas tse

Nicholas Tse set fire to this year's dull summer file ――

《 Anger ・ Serious case 》 stay 7 month 30 It's on

The audience wanted to set a fire in his kitchen ――

Stop cooking. Come back and shoot !

Thank you : Want to blow up my kitchen ? Watch out for my crazy personality

harm , No wonder fans want to burn the kitchen

He's so handsome ! These crazy villains are too top !

He hasn't played action man No. 1 for too long !

The film has been released so far , douban 7.6

In addition to the action play from boxing to meat , There are also some high scores from Nicholas Tse's handsome

Can you believe this is 41 A man of years old ?

Why are you in such good shape ???

Back to the movie

One sentence summary : No urine spots in the whole process

Two sentence summary : The play is so good that it's amazing , The story is simple and Hong Kong flavor is enough .

Around the whole Donnie Yen plays a good policeman, Zhang chongbang and Nicholas Tse plays Qiu Gangao, a former blackened policeman an

Here are spoilers !

A bang is a upright and upright policeman who doesn't understand tact

Ao is a villain who just got out of prison

But before going to jail , He is also the future star of the police force , Is a close partner of Bang

In a kidnapping by a wealthy businessman , Lynching for high-level hints , And his teammates mistakenly killed the suspect .

But in court , Rich businessmen and high-level officials are ruthless , A bang also made the key testimony that put them in prison under the pressure of lawyers , This led them to go astray , Black revenge after getting out of prison .

Hong Kong Style crime films are typical “ Two male ” structure , Typical boundary discussions 、 The battle between black and white , Each story is designed with four big characters ――“ Classic Hong Kong movies ”

Many people said after reading : I almost stood up, thanks !

According to personal analysis, it is not necessarily that the Three Outlooks follow the five senses

First of all , One of the great advantages of Hong Kong films is that good people are not all good , Bad guys are not all bad

None of them are Facebook characters , Ao was once a good policeman who wanted to reduce the crime rate in Hong Kong

second , Ao's blackening experience is too easy to resonate with social animals !

The top management called AO and hinted , Like your leader putting pressure on you , And give you all kinds of picture cakes ?

It's normal to say in court that he puts pressure on his subordinates , But never let him abuse lynching , Pressure has nothing to do with the end result , This is not like the leaders or colleagues who throw the pot when the project is resumed ?

Anyway, I heard the sentence of the trial “ I'm asking them to speed up the resolution of the case , But how did he do it , How to do it , There is no direct relationship between the two ” when , The fist is hard !

There is also a bang team who bravely broke into the dark nest and worked hard , Afterwards, the superior leaders came to pick up the leak, with great prestige , Like leaders and colleagues who can't find anyone to lead the work ?

And the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman is going to Secret and quick detection The root of is not ―― Should the senior management lick the customer's father ?

You did the work anyway , Interests are their , You're the one who broke the pot .

If you always meet such people in the workplace , Do you also want to blacken ?

The cruelty of reality lies in : You don't have a chance to blacken .

Of course, the blackening in the film will also be suppressed by justice ―― After contributing several super moving plays

Action play can be said to be 《 Anger ・ Serious case 》 Of “ Play with meat ”, From the beginning, the police in the mall 、 Drug trafficker 、 The masked man fought three sides , Play is handsome and drag

The fight from boxing to meat makes people unable to breathe 、 All over pain

And after that, a bang broke into the shanty town , In just a few minutes , He and the villain from a continuous roof 、 A small room 、 Winding alleys 、 The dirty sewer runs all the way to the empty road , Tension, stimulation and relaxation

Close combat in the sewer is frightening , Running on the open road, I thought I could relax for a moment, and I was robbed of my breath again by the sudden crash

The reason why action plays can make the audience enjoy themselves , It depends on accurate design and scheduling

Such as gunfights and explosions in front of and behind the streets

Another example is the ultimate duel between a bang and a Ao in the unfinished Church

Martial arts director Donnie Yen designed the two from the beginning Double knives to batons , Become local materials after , Hammer 、 The scaffold 、 bolt driver ……

The use of all kinds of wild weapons makes people feel pain from time to time , It also shapes the madness of the villain

When holding a hammer, I don't want to die again and again , And when you're strangled, try to pick each other's eyes , It's true that you're filming with your life .

And the film ends , Ao stood on the piano , Tell a bang what he thought in prison :

If the original task was transferred , Will our fate change ?

No one answered .

Then he leaned back , Die in the broken virgin's arms .

In more than two hours of watching the film , I often see in a trance on AO Joker Shadow

Maybe because of the scar on the corner of the mouth , It may also be because the personality is chaotic and violent, with a trace of desolation

He finally said :“ I admit defeat , But I don't accept my fate .”

How many people have the impulse to build a time machine at once , Let the suspect not bite the police officer on that rainy night

Let ao not impulsively hit the last one

Or let a bang arrive earlier , Stop everything from happening

But there is no time machine in the world , The world is not black or white

We can only the moment he falls , Think about the underlying theme

Say something out of the question , Chen Musheng died last year , This also became his legacy .

But the film promotion has no marketing at all “ posthumous work ” This point , Only use words and a series of GAGs at the end of the film to remember , In this age of entertainment to death , It's worth praising .

Nicholas Tse recalled Chen Musheng at the press conference :“ Work with Director Chen Musheng , It's something I'm particularly relieved and excited about . Every time I'm with him , We can all push each other to the extreme .

The first time they cooperated, Nicholas Tse 19 year , In action movies 《 Special police new man 》 I tried hanging steel wire 、 Blast ; And then in 《 New police story 》 Starring Jackie Chan , Slide down the outer wall of the high-rise building of the Convention and Exhibition Center ;《 Invisible target 》 Li jumped down several floors and was kicked by Wu Jing ……

And in crazy star making , An age when you can make a fly by your face and human design , Young stars don't work so hard anymore .

When this group of actors who can really do Kung Fu can't move , Who else can take over the class of classic action movies ?

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