At the age of 50, Lizi basks in her daily life. Her mother and daughter cook delicious food together. She has a big diamond ring in her hand, which is very attractive

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age lizi basks daily life.

Reading guide :50 Li Zi basks in her daily life , Mother and daughter cook delicious food together , The big diamond ring on your hand is very powerful

about 50 For Liz , She shares her daily life on social platforms from time to time , It's really realized “ Only life and food can live up to ” The purpose of .

8 month 8 Japan , Lizi showed off her daily life of cooking delicious food with her two daughters on the social platform .

In the photo , Lizzie and wearing an apron , Stand aside with your second daughter , Eyes focused on the eldest daughter carefully milking oil into the mold .

After finalization , Lizi also specially made a beautiful decoration for the finished products , Then take pictures as a souvenir .

But the eyes of netizens obviously didn't focus on food , Except for Lizzy 50 Besides the feeling that she is still online , There is also the powerful pigeon egg diamond ring that Lizi is wearing , The attention once exceeded the kitchen in Lizi's family, which is more spacious than the living room of ordinary people .

Li Zi in life is also very exquisite , Attach great importance to the sense of ceremony , Every important festival , She will post some meaningful photos and essays .

When going out for a walk , Don't forget to dress up , Fresh and casual simple fashion modeling , There is no sign that she is over 50, It's the mother of two children .

Exquisite life is naturally inseparable from food , In addition to making it yourself , There will be some delicious food that ordinary people can't reach .

for instance “ A simple diet ”, It can be seen from the pictures of delicious food , Just a luxurious “ caviar ”, It is enough to deter most netizens .

In business ,14 At the age of , Working in the entertainment industry 33 Lizzie in , I've also got “ After sight ” The title of .

Can only cherish , Because Lizzie attaches too much importance to family affection ( When love develops to a certain stage, it will also develop into family affection ), stay 2007 Shooting TV series in 《 one 's clothes were covered all over with jewels and valuable buttons 》 period , Because my brother was paralyzed after a serious car accident , Lizi resolutely 2008 Quit the entertainment industry and married .

Maybe someone will say , Li Zi, who married into a rich family, has completely become “ The canary ”.

It's not , Li Zi, who quit the entertainment industry and married , Switch to business , Took over the beauty salon founded by my brother , And spent years , On 2017 The company was successfully listed in , Market capitalization of about 8 Billion , A good business woman .

So in a way , Li Zi you saw on the social platform , Not really Lizzie , It's just that she prefers to put her identity in “ housewife ” Location , Enjoy the happiness brought to her by her family .

So , Instead of admiring Lizzie, she fell in love with a rich man who loved him , Let her live “ A big family is too big ” Life of , It's better to say that Lizi relies on her own efforts and strength , Won Ma Tingqiang's love and respect .

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