Guanxuan love or the former step back? The close group photo of Chen lushai and Huo Zun, but Huo Zun has been silent

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guanxuan love step close group

preface :2021 year 8 month 8 Japan , Huo Zun's rumored girlfriend Chen Lu posted a group photo of the two on her microblog , It seems that Guan Xuan is in love . In the photo , Chen Lu leans on Huo Zun's shoulder , Sweet full score , Chen Lu is a national second-class dancer .

Many fans of Huo Zun happily urged marriage in the comment area :“ We must always be happy ! Get married quickly !” Because Huo Zun is not a traffic star , So there's not much “ Girlfriend powder ”, Huo zunye 31 Year old , It's time to get married and have children . But the embarrassment is : Huo Zun has never responded .

8 month 6 Japan , Men's Edition 《 My sister 》――《 My brother 》 Official propaganda team , Huo Zun is impressively in the column . Netizens have run to this microblog to leave messages , Question why Huo Zun didn't respond to Chen Lu ? ' :“ Let me see Guan Xuan , result , I'm so embarrassed .”“ Embarrassed to line up , Sir, you're not going to overturn , Don't .”

therefore , Chen Lu is Huo Zun's current girlfriend , Or his predecessor ? If it's a current girlfriend , Why didn't you discuss with Huo Zun in advance , I announced my love unilaterally ? If Chen Lu wants to open her relationship , Huo Zun doesn't want to be public , That means the couple can't go long , There is no agreement on such an important idea .

If Chen Lu is Huo Zun's predecessor , Then the problem is even more serious : Zheng Shuang was destroyed by his predecessor Zhang Heng , Wu Yifan was replaced by his predecessor DMZ Destroyed . Does Chen Lu have any evidence of Huo Zun's scandal ? Deliberately sent such a microblog warning Huo Zun ? And Huo Zun didn't say anything , Negotiating with Chen Lu ?

Huo Zun is the son of the famous singer Huofeng ,2012 year ,22 Huo Zun participated in the talent show of Oriental satellite TV 《 Sound Asia 》 career , Won the top three in Asia , Sealed “ Star of glory ”.2014 year , Huo Zun won the CCTV talent show 《 Chinese good songs 》 The first season champion , Its original song 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 Sealed “ Chinese good song of the year ”.

And then , Huo zundai 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 Board the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the year of the horse ; Same year , Huo Zun won the Tianjin satellite TV star drama reality show 《 Very beautiful 》 The champion of the year .2018 year 4 month , Huo Zun attended Hunan Satellite TV 《 singer 2018》 And advance to the finals ; Same year 11 month , Huo Zun acted as a talent show 《 Young people with beautiful national style 》 Tutor .

2018 year , Huo Zun was selected into the field of music “2018 Forbes China 30 position 30 List of elites under the age of ”.2020 year , Huo Zun attended 《 I'm a singer in season 2 》. Huo Zun has participated in many competitions , Get a good place , Also served as a mentor , There is a song with high national popularity 《 Rolling bead curtains 》.

But Huo Zun's traffic has been very low , Not a first-line singer . Now , Huo Zun attended 《 My brother 》, It is expected to usher in a fire . Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainer, pointed out : Chen Lu stands up and announces her love affair , It's undoubtedly a good time . Of course , Chen Lu may also be Huo Zun's predecessor , Get ready “ Step back ” Huo Zun .

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