After Wu Yifan was arrested, he proposed to Meizhu: I am willing to marry you. Anyone will experience several scum men

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wu yifan arrested proposed meizhu

Can be in small G Na 、 Qin niuzhengwei 、 Xiaoyi got away from the peach scandal , It also shows how strong the public relations ability of Wu Yifan's team is . It can not only rake upside down and splash dirty water on the woman , It can also shape for Wu Yifan “ Innocent big boy ” Personal design .

Wu Yifan's public relations team can influence public opinion , So when Du Meizhu tore up Wu Yifan , Many netizens are not optimistic about , I don't think she can do it alone “ Top stream idol ” The thunder means of the public relations team .

however “ Heaven's net is long and easy ”, Wu Yifan, who openly challenged the bottom line of the law, finally ate the consequences , Detained by Chaoyang police according to law , Currently staying in the detention center to eat “ Big bowl of prison rice ”.

The top idol who once dominated the entertainment industry ended up like this , With one's own strength, the standard of bad artists has been raised to “ rapist ” On the level of , I have to say Wu Yifan “ Top stream idol ” The human design is still standing , I'm afraid this “ record ” No idol can surpass .

After Wu Yifan was arrested , The whole network is boiling . Every street , Every netizen's mouth , Can't help saying “ Wu Yifan successfully entered ”.

From the posts of the majority of netizens who play the stem lottery , We can also see how gratifying the news of Wu Yifan's arrest is . But when the netizens make complaints about Wu Yifan, , Unwilling Wu Yifan fans and some netizens with different brain circuits have targeted Du Meizhu .

It seems the fans , Du Meizhu was arrested by Wu Yifan “ The culprit ”. And in the hearts of those retarded netizens , It's all Meizhu “ Scheming girl ” The representative of the .

As the saying goes “ Look at the mung bean , Right eye ”, After the two forces met , Began to talk nonsense under the relevant dynamics of dumei bamboo , Speech stinks .

“ The victim is guilty ” It has become the mainstream again , Many netizens also stood up to support Du Meizhu , There are even men who propose to him directly , Take this opportunity to support Du Meizhu .

8 month 9 Japan , Some netizens found that a man with red hair proposed to Meizhu across the air . In the video , The male online celebrity said frankly “ Du Meizhu , I like you . I'd like to marry you if I can ”.

Maybe it's to express your determination , Or maybe it's to rekindle Du Meizhu's hope of love , The man also said “ You don't have to worry about quarreling with your mother-in-law , Mother-in-law told you about it , Don't be depressed , Live every day happily . Anyone will experience a few scum men ”.

After talking about soul Chicken Soup for Du Meizhu , The male net red also sent a message for him , To be frank “ Now that Wu Yifan has been punished , I hope you will come out soon , Have fun 、 It's healthy , Welcome the sunshine life every day ”.

A message is simple and sincere , If the male tennis star doesn't deliberately rub the heat of Wu Yifan and Du Meizhu , If he hoped that Du Meizhu would come out early, he also spoke the voice of many netizens .

However, in view of the fact that Wu Yifan blew up a series of cattle ghosts and snake gods deliberately rubbing the heat after the incident , The purpose of the man's proposal to Du Meizhu remains to be verified . And this way of showing love by shouting on the Internet , It seems a little inappropriate to eat melons .

All Meizhu can come out early , Start a new life , This is the hope of many netizens . But for the purpose of rubbing heat , Like the man's net red, use this kind of eye popping “ To marry him ” Way to support Du Meizhu , This is equivalent to sprinkling salt on his wound .

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