Cheng Yi's first play is the first to make complaints about the first, but the word of mouth is polarized. Zhang Yu Xi is being tucking up.

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cheng yi play make complaints

8 month 8 Friday night , Starring Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi 《 Wake up Chang'an 》 Change of name 《 Song with Jun 》 Officially broadcast , On the first day of broadcasting, the audience rating won the first , And also showed a good upward trend .

《 Song with Jun 》 It's huanrui century 《 Glass 》 Then another large-scale costume play , With 《 Glass 》 The fire , The play is almost expected , Fire before sowing .

The play is based on the writer Feihua's novel 《 Sword instrument line 》 Adaptation , It tells the story of Cheng Ruoyu, a twin sister in a hostile camp 、 Qiu Yanzhi's fateful reunion , And with Qi Yan 、 The light king is involved in the situation of the court , The legend of common transformation and growth .

However , According to the first episode last night , The audience's evaluation of the play is also polarized .

The first is that the man make complaints about the way he was dressed up , Cheng Yi's facial features are exquisite , But it was ridiculed that there was no imperial momentum , In addition, this shape and make-up feel are very heavy , It looks a little feminine . Netizens also think that his acting skills in the play have not been displayed at all , Follow 《 Glass 》 Like Yu, there is not much change .

However, such an evaluation inevitably makes people feel biased , After all, there are only a few episodes , He said the play was good for nothing , This evaluation is too hasty . And regardless of makeup , Cheng Yi's acting skills are worth affirming , In the play, Qi Yan is controlled by others , Cheng Yi put the young emperor's forbearance , Just right .

The man is black and has a plan , The hostess is a little silly and sweet , Act rashly , Unobstructed , Perform pompous , People make complaints about Tucao. : If it weren't for the female owner's halo , Definitely won't survive three episodes . The second female is more mature and stable , Qiu Yanzhi not only has high appearance value , IQ online strategy , And always stand on the side of the emperor and think of him .

besides , The dubbing of the play was make complaints about it. , The dubbing of the male and female hosts of the play are two familiar dubbing actors Zhang Jie and Qiao Shiyu , The two have been paired with many hot plays , So it's really easy for everyone to play when they hear their voices .

Anyway? , This time, 《 Song with Jun 》 Just started broadcasting , As long as the story behind is awesome. , It will still attract the audience . Regarding this , What do you have to say ? Feel free to leave a comment below .

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