Two new dramas of Beijing Satellite TV are broadcast in succession, one with Wu Yifan's former gossip girlfriend and the other with his former teammate

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new dramas beijing satellite tv

8 There are a lot of new plays to be broadcast in June , And the appearance is not bad . Beijing Satellite TV's choice of TV dramas , Still have a unique vision ,8 There will be two dramas in December , And the types are different .

Yan Ni 、 Family era emotional drama starring Wang Yanhui 《 Dear parents 》, Take two remarried families as the narrative line , Talk about all kinds of things that happen in the process of family integration . Yan Ni's family play , It's still a little expected .

Sun hong2 lei2 、 Starring Liu Yijun 《 Black storm 》, With “ Black and evil ” For the background of the story . In particular, sun Honglei's role in the play is more complex , The cast is also relatively strong .

The two plays take “ Overlay seeding ” Broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV , Both plays have actors who have a certain relationship with Wu Yifan .

《 Dear parents 》 in , Qin Niu Zhengwei plays his daughter Jiang Xue . This play is Qin Niu Zhengwei's first play , The attention of the outside world is not low . Qin Niu Zhengwei is not very good at draft , I don't know how to act ?

Qin Niu Zhengwei 2019 It was exposed that he had an intimate trip with Wu Yifan , But later denied that the two were in love . When Meizhu burst the hammer and Wu Yifan , Qin Niu Zhengwei also keeps making small moves , Make the outside world unpredictable .

and 《 Black storm 》 Zhang Yixing is from 《 Good sir 》 after , Cooperate again, sun Honglei . Judging from the notice , Zhang Yixing, who plays a policeman, has many action plays in the play , This is what people are looking forward to .

Zhang Yixing is Wu Yifan's teammate , After returning to China, the contact between the two people in the open is more polite . And after Wu Yifan's accident , Zhang Yixing has never made any statement on this matter . The contrast between former teammates is so strong now , It also makes people sigh .

Wu Yifan is in 7 month 31 I was detained in prison on , According to the relevant procedures, he will stay in Chaoyang detention center for a while . And according to the relevant revelations , The TV in Chaoyang detention center can only watch Beijing Satellite TV . So if Wu Yifan watches TV , I saw my ex gossip girlfriend and ex teammates one after another , What kind of mood will it be .

Wu Yifan's case is still under investigation , All parties have made various judgments and predictions on this case before . Du Meizhu has deleted the relevant microblog , I hope she can treat , I also hope this case will come to an early conclusion .

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