Two days on the line, the heat peaked, and the broadcast volume exceeded 70 million. Diri Reba and Yang Yang couldn't hold down the play

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days line heat peaked broadcast

Cheng Yi's name , Now fight Xiao 、 Wang Yibo 、 Yang Yang is like some hot actors , It can always cause some sensation , The starring work came out , It will cause a wave of onlookers .

Cheng Yi's new play 《 Song with Jun 》 Attack

In the near future , A TV play starring Cheng Yi 《 Song with Jun 》 It's finally on air , The name of the play is 《 Wake up Chang'an 》 Of , In order to go online smoothly, I changed my name , Maybe some people don't know ,《 Song with Jun 》 Namely 《 Wake up Chang'an 》《 Song with Jun 》 On the day of broadcasting , Just met the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games , Ratings and playback , But I didn't lose at all .

It is reported that ,《 Song with Jun 》 The TV play , It's the work of Cheng Yi's second cooperation with Zhang Yuxi , from 《 Glass 》 The man and the woman match , To 《 Song with Jun 》 Starring in CP, The audience will still talk a lot . Cheng Yi, who plays the leading role , The role played in the play is called “ Qi Yan ”, It was an emperor who was restricted by eunuchs and finally held power .

Cheng Yi, who became popular in ancient costume plays , Starred in Xianxia drama , There have also been dramas , So when you play the role of emperor , There is also no sense of disobedience . at present , Cheng Yi's performance is still very good , After the play hit , The audience also gathered . Supported by a wave of flow , Also let 《 Song with Jun 》 It's hot .

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