What exactly does the high score film "manslaughter" say?

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exactly high score film manslaughter

《 Manslaughter 》 It's a remake , The original is an Indian film 《 Kill by mistake and hide from heaven 》, The Chinese version has adapted this in detail , Given a different ending , At the same time, it preserves the essence of the whole story , The whole process of watching the film is tense and exciting .

in my opinion , The most brilliant lens language is the big close-up of the task and the appropriate white space in the plot , People can't help but sweat after watching , At the same time .

Many viewers after watching the film said , The overall style of the film is very “ Chen Sicheng ”, It's like 《 Chinatown detective 》 The first step is to write an external chapter .

《 Manslaughter 》 What did you say ?

This film is mainly about the eldest daughter of an ordinary family , Insulted by the son of the police chief in a summer camp , And threatened to have sex with them , In case of invalid rejection , The eldest son and daughter hit the director's son on the head with a hoe , Put it “ Manslaughter ”.

In order not to put his wife and children in prison , The master of the family stepped forward , Planned a “ Perfect crime ”, Hoping to protect criminal families .

Although the apparent meaning of the film is well understood , But the deeper meaning needs us to taste .

Before deciding to see the film , I am very entangled. , Because the director's name is the first time to listen to , Afraid of disappointment , And most of the film and television works starring Xiao Yang are partial comedy .

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